Friday, July 6, 2018

For All Attorneys Through Larry Becraft

By Anna Von Reitz

Larry-- the Law of these United States is the American Common Law.  As of 1954 the courts that we now deal with stopped accepting Common Law pleas and started accepting only statutory pleas. There is no more sure or binding proof of the nature and jurisdiction of these courts than the nature of the pleas being heard by them. So we may conclude with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that: (1) these are not the courts the people of this country ordained and are owed and (2) that these are Maritime Courts. 

From these  facts then we can conclude that every "Plaintiff" and "Defendant" being addressed by these courts is not a living "Person" and that our most basic identity as one of the living people has been unlawfully and unconscionably converted to that of a business. We have been "impersonated"-- literally.  And when we face charges  in these courts we are suffering barratry because of these false presumptions.