Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Your Mission

By Anna Von Reitz

What I am going to observe to you today is going to change your world. It's going to change the way you look at things. And hopefully, it's going to light a fire under your tail.
Remember studying about the Civil War? Remember studying about the "Reconstruction" afterward?
The Reconstruction never ended. 150 years later, and it never got finished.
Why? Because evil men in Parliament and traitors and fools in Washington, DC chose not to finish the task that they were morally and lawfully and legally mandated to do.
Britain and France both gained influence and were able to pull off con games against this country that made these European Freebooters rich at our expense and which embroiled us, their own countries, and most of the rest of the world in endless wars for profit.
Who is at the bottom of this?

The Source of Your Sovereignty

By Anna Von Reitz

In reply to "Unknown" and apparently also "Unknowing" who  thought that James Clinton Belcher was running around the world claiming to be the "US Secretary of State" ---- no, Sir, that would be John Kerry, who was once US Secretary of State under Obummer. 

But let's address this point so that everyone gets it.  Your individual sovereignty in this country came from somewhere.   It wasn't just something that sprang out of thin air, and it wasn't something that the Founding Fathers could magically confer on you, because they didn't have it themselves.  

Ah, so..... how did Americans become sovereigns in their own right?