Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Has Trump Abandoned His Base?

1st and 2nd Amendments Are In Jeopardy-Where’s Trump?

Where are you Mr. President?

My mental health is fine, my perspective on life is good and I enjoy my life. Unfortunately, I am cursed and that curse could make me look like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. My curse is that I know history. I am also in tune with the Mark Twain saying that history may not repeat but it sure does rhyme.
Hear me clearly America, history is rhyming like a two year old learning English syntax. I have said it before and it needs to repeated again and again until every American can see the danger. the establishment of every totalitarian regime follows the same patttern. There are no exceptions to this pattern and there are scores of examples which follows the same 3-step pattern:
  1. Every totalitarian regime seizes control of the flow of information. In a sophisticated country like the United States, that means controlling the media. And if there is an alternative media, it needs to be extinguished. The Deep State, the purveyors of the present coup against our country, its laws, its families and religion,  lost the Presidential election because they largely ignored the threat of the Independent Media and allowed us to use their platforms (eg Youtube) which in turn defeated Hillary Clinton. The establishment learned their lesson in history by failing to extinguish the Steve Quayle’s, Mike Adams’ and Alex Jones’ of the industry. The globalists are making up for lost time and are extinguishing the alternative media prior to the 2018 midterm elections where the the new American Communist Party (ie Democrats) will take over the Legislative branch of the government. At the present rate, the Independent Media will be nonexistent by the 2020 election. Controlling what people see, hear, read and ultimately think is an historical prerequisite prior to any successful coup. In Germany, Sweden and France it is illegal to speak against a rapist, or a murderer that is a Muslim immigrant. In the EU, there is a total shield law against identifying any criminality involving any Muslim immigrant. Subsequently in Europe, it is illegal to report the truth. The entire European culture is in the process of being dismantled by an immigrant group who refuses to assimilate and is not held to the same standard as native born citizens. History shows that the destruction of a culture is a necessary and an effective first step towards obliterating a country’s government and we know the purveyors of this strategy seek global domination hence the term “the globalists”. This is America’s fate and just like the Europeans, the goal is destruction of the culture and the traditional government. And in case you think you can sit this one out Christians, think again, the elimination of your religion is the primary and ultimate goal and your 5013c pastors are doing nothing about this coup and neither is your President

BREAKING: Hashgraph Public Launch? & Big News For Silver

Found here:  https://youtu.be/G7j094a63rw

Watch Hashgraph very closely.

Hashgraph was created by Leemon Baird and will take the distributed ledger frontier by storm.

I can't wait until Hashgraph comes out with a crypto coin.