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Saturday, November 24, 2018

For Jocelyn About BCs

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting a lot of questions about names on BC's, and various interpretations being offered for why some Birth Certificates are in Upper and Lower Case and why some are in ALL CAPS and what this all means. 

Our Proper Names in English consist of our Christian Given Names for example: "James Maxwell" and a Surname or Family Name, for example, " Pierce".  The whole then is: "James Maxwell Pierce".  This is how all names appeared on public documents from the 1920's when Birth Certificates started in this country until November of 1999 when the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Incorporated, ended, and they could no longer use those names to accrue debt against.  They were discharged as franchises of the bankrupt parent corporation as part of the bankruptcy settlement, which is what led to the Queen dubbing them, "disregarded entities" from then on. 

So then they started issuing BC's in the ALL CAPS NAME and accruing debt against these "new" franchises in the form: JAMES MICHAEL PIERCE.  These are ACCOUNT NAMES in DOG LATIN and are not any proper address for you; they are technically mail fraud and attempted racketeering actionable under Public Law 73-241 and 73-243.  

As "disregarded entities" our Proper Names are now absolutely and unarguably free for us to reclaim and they can't say or do anything about it, which is why we return these names to the land and soil of the States as a first step to literally reclaim our "Good Names and Estates".   

There are two foreign governments dipping into your lives and your purses via this scheme --- one of them is the British Territorial United States Government, which falsely claims you are a Territorial Citizen as if you were born in Puerto Rico, and the other is the Municipal United States Government which pretends that you were born in the District of Columbia and are subject to the Congressional Oligarchy. 

Now, thanks to Obummer's deceit and the bankruptcies of both these Federal entities, you are receiving your bills addressed to: MICHAEL M. PIERCE, which is the name of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchise, and isn't even a legal name for lack of specificity.  In fact, you can protest any billing you receive based on this fact all by itself.  

Exactly which MICHAEL M. PIERCE was that?   

And the BCs are all in ALL CAPS for the reason explained above. 

This is all bogus and all criminal and is being mis-applied to Americans to profit foreign privately owned corporations. 

The members of the "Congressional Delegations" should be getting their ears and their tails burned black and held to account for all this chicanery in Breach of Trust, and the military, too.


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  1. The birth certificate they gave me has been in all caps all my life. I am 60 years old now. What's up with that?

    1. I second that question. The certificate of live birth that purports to document my birth is hand written in proper English, but I have seen others from prior to 1960 that are typed in all-caps.

  2. Greetings,
    I was hoping that Paul, or someone else that has experience with the process Anna has put out, which describes which article or articles goes over how to get a completed Authorized BC/COLB. In listening to the interview with Cande Lee Liles that Paul posted recently she mentions California as an example, so I looked up there requirements. They require a letter and a reason for the request in that you need a place that needs this document. Is this what is required, how do you select a place? Although Cande Lee Liles mentions a place, is that the best, or is it something that can be skipped. Any insight on how best to get an Authorized BC/COLB and process is appreciated.

  3. Grumpy
    if in California, Do in this order;
    1) order your COLB ( get 3) from reason: travel, work etc..
    2) Go to, and read
    3) forms; read this. Then Prepare a cover letter that simply requests them to Authenticate/Apostille your BC's for travel, banking and employment ( example's) click on the " Sacramento Office for the address to send it to. Send certified and pay for Certified back to you too. Takes a month or so to get back.
    3) go to; download or print this form and fill out. 1 entry per line for each BC select TAIWAN as Country of destination. You also need to provide a self addressed paid Priority Mail envelope for the return of your doc's
    4) Mail to; Department of State, Authentications Office 600 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20006
    5) READ this ( copy and paste in "search" on this blog site) from ANNA and continue on!! Dear Lucretia --- Mortgage Relief -- and The Rest of the Story

    1. You want authentication, not an apostille. Selecting a non-Hague convention nation such as Taiwan may cause the Secretary of State to default to authentication.

  4. doonstr,
    Thank You for the info.