Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trump Crossing the Delaware -- "Swamp Hunters"

Got this today from Anna Von Reitz. Does anyone know who the artist is?

This is just too wonderful.  Paul -- please post "Swamp Hunters" along with "Patience and Wisdom"?  

I laughed my socks off, but if he keeps going, it will be true enough.  If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know so I can give credit. 


  1. Can't see the picture or whatever it is. . .


    It may be funny, but do you believe it?
    i do not believe things are better just because they say that things are.

  3. IMO these recent handfuls of Articles seem like a distraction, and most of us are not here to have 'this pacifier stuck in our mouths'; we know there is not a drop of milk in any of it.

    Its way past time for some Real Progress Report; surely if there is no progress to report, then something is obviously very wrong with this whole picture.

    Lets dispense with the useless chit chat and tell us the feedback you're getting from all those Filings and .....whatever

  4. Abby, either people hate to share on this site or they don't want to admit that the paperwork doesn't work or if it did no one is saying anything....a true patriot site that is dedicated to REMEDIES in court, always share their results with their successes or failures so we can all weight in on what happened . If it was the paperwork , than maybe it needs to be ticked somehow, or maybe the member himself made a mistake.....thats the only way for sure to know what is working or not....!!!
    How come we never hear from that woman who was fighting her foreclosure....i guess she lost it, otherwise she would still be on this site....She is probably living in her car now....!!

    1. James, we have a whole Society nowadays that has been brainwashed to not say anything 'negative' Lol. So it is no wonder we have no reports, and not even any from Anna herself.
      I have to take that all as meaning there are NO good reports or good results and NO progress being made worth mentioning. Yet, people will ''sit in a boat that has no motor and no oars' and pretend there is something rosy about such a picture.

      I think the last time that woman spoke about her foreclosure, she said she was supposed to be out of her house in May. A very unfortunate situation for her, and all those in that situation. What a rook !

    2. Abby, and james,
      What they do not say, & the answers that are not given,
      Are they not answers?
      i know you Abby have said you are in Ohio. How are things there? Are you seeing changes, Are their no more empty houses being scooped up by banks & outside investors?
      Has a chunk of cheese dropped in price yet?
      Are your automotive parts now coming from america?
      How are new car sales?
      Has the threat of war, global and or civil diminished?

    3. a follower, that is one of my major points throughout my comments - - not a single thing has improved. Gasoline yesterday was at $2.95 without any just cause.

      Yep, exactly my point; the fact that we have gotten no updates of any progress at all, ARE answers. I fail to see how so many can still think their 'ship is moving' in such still waters.

      I've put out the bait a dozen times at least, to open the opportunity to refute me, but it has never come.

    4. Abby,
      Have you noticed how many of these post are in fact nothing but a sales pitch, self glorification and a money plea? It seems the frequency of these pleas have increased.

      Money plea july 28, 2018
      Money plea Aug. 2, 2018
      Money Plea Aug.4,2018
      "Grandma's cupboardrd is bare"
      Think about that and think about the irony that after we have given everything back to you, provided for your protection and the protection of your State of the Union---- Grandma's "cupboard" is bare. We are still here in the trenches, still doing all this on nothing but cookie jar and mattress money.
      So if you value what has been done for you and the fact that you still have a country to come home to and an indemnity bond that protects you and your family and your State of the Union--- and you want The Living Law Firm to continue it's work---- send what you can. We are at push come to shove here
      with all the final "repatriation" work left to do

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