Monday, October 9, 2017

Rumors About A Congress in Philly----

By Anna Von Reitz

In order for ANY valid Continental Congress to occur a number of steps must be taken. 

First, the individual people have to wake up and correct their political status records and actively choose and assert their birthright as state nationals---and put it on the public land jurisdiction record. 

Second, they must get together with others who have "returned" and hold organizational meetings and public elections to set up their county and state jural assemblies. These are the bodies that give rise to our American Common Law land jurisdiction courts.  Jural societies give rise to the international sea jurisdiction courts and admiralty courts-- so it is important that people know the difference between "jural assemblies" and "jural societies".  The assemblies are the missing piece that has to be restored at the county and state levels.

It's Time Again to Report on Our Progress

From Paul Stramer

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