Monday, October 2, 2017

Where Did Political Parties Come From?

By Anna Von Reitz

The short answer in America is: Wisconsin.
It just happens to also be the state where I was born and raised and where arguments between urban largely Democrat populations and rural Republicans are as common as mosquitoes in July.
Sometime around the age of eight after attending an Adams Township Townhall meeting with my parents and listening to otherwise sane people argue for two hours about snow-plowing budgets versus long range weather predictions for winter 1966 --- the equivalent of a crystal ball argument about how many angels could fit on a D-6 Cat steering wheel, I asked the fateful question: where do political parties come from?
"Communists," muttered my Mother, fluffed up in her car coat like a small hen ready to peck at something. As usual, I found out later that she was right.
"Nah, now, Little Mother," my Father interjected, "don't be talking about Communists."
"Why not?" she instantly flared. Her perfectly-plucked dark eyebrows flat-lined and she scowled out at the snowy night, watching for deer in the headlights.
"That's no subject for children," Dad said in his calming way. "How could she understand what a Communist is?"

Oldie But Goodie -- Zip Code Double-Dealing

By Anna Von Reitz

Thank you, Andrew, for sharing this oldie but goodie with me.  I had seen it and read it and enjoyed it years ago, but lost track of it in the intervening melee and it was a real pleasure to see again, because it explains the whole basic fraud scheme and situation so simply, logically, and plainly.  

I am just going to add that the alternative to claiming duress is to use the alternative "address in care of".  

Instead of sending the mail directly to you, the sender sends it to you "in care of" your address, which is a separate entity.  

This "address" that has been "given" to you, is another federal corporation plot to wring money out of and assert power over you, but by sending mail "in care of" their address and to your attention neatly pits one plot against another.  Your mail doesn't get delayed, but you stay clean and out of the federal picture.  

The Cynic in Me

By Anna Von Reitz

The System which has incorporated almost all governments and subjected and subrogated them to the mere status of commercial corporations is a society of "misery loves company".  

All these guilty, shameful, debt-ridden commercial corporations masquerading as actual governments want every country on Earth to be organized the same way they are, to be plagued with the same corruption, saddled with the same debts, obligated to do everything according to the same insane, unfair, corrupt, arbitrary process of statutory rule-making and the same self-serving brand of "equity" law.