Friday, June 30, 2017

Medical Licensing, Yankee Doodle, Inc., and the Way Things Work

By Anna Von Reitz

Licensing means that you are being given permission to do something that is otherwise unlawful for you to do.  Licensing also implies the existence of a king who stands over you and who decides whether or not to grant you the privilege of doing whatever that illegal business or activity is.

For example, acting as a pirate is against the law.  However, in England, if the King gave you Letters of Marque to act as a privateer (a pirate) then it was perfectly legal for you to engage in smuggling and robbery on the High Seas,  or wherever else the King said you could do it.   The King as Law-giver could also suspend the Law at will and grant you the privilege --  a license -- to kill as per James Bond, or to pillage or any other thing.

So, since when has it ever been against the law to be a doctor or to practice medicine in this country?