Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Forensic* Wolf

*fo-ren-sic, adj. 1.pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and debate. 2. Adapted or suited to argumentation; argumentative.

Seventeen years ago I was a whistleblower concerning the theft (or “diversion” for those that believe in bureaucrats and tooth fairies) of $45 to 60 Million in two years (1995 & 1996) by US Fish and Wildlife Service bureaucrats from Excise Taxes that, according to law, could only be spent by State fish and Wildlife Agencies for State fish and wildlife management programs for human benefits.  The stolen funds were used by federal bureaucrats to capture, import and release Canadian wolves into Yellowstone from which they spread throughout the NW US and to open an office in California – two things that the US Congress had refused to either authorize or fund.  Funds not used for these two purposes were used to increase bonus payouts to select top bureaucrats to essentially “look the other way”.  How do we know this?  General Accounting Office Accountant Auditors submitted a Forensic* Audit Report to the Chairman of the US House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee detailing the receipt, diversion and use of the stolen funding to federal illicit purposes from the fish and  wildlife benefits generated by state wildlife agencies. 

In other words; wildlife and fishery management in every state was diminished to benefit illegal actions by federal bureaucrats (releasing wolves with no state permission) to ultimately create a situation that:
1. Decreased big game herds.

Key Information---Everyone Read This

By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, the alternative news world has been awash with talk about "Human Rights" and "Natural Law" and quite a number of people have been misled about this and are parroting it as the Next Great Thing.  In fact, it is old as the hills and nothing you want to be involved in, much less subjected to.  Let me explain.....and bear with me. 

Bankers and lawyers don't like the Ten Commandments, the Bible, or the Land Law that goes with it.  They may individually subscribe to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam --- all of which are supposed to function under the Law of Moses --- but for very practical reasons they want to waffle and weasel around the requirements of Land Law when it comes to business dealings.

Land Law doesn't allow binding contracts.  It respects the Law of Free Will.  It forbids usury and insurance.  And it is frustratingly local and subjective in nature.