Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Huge organic farm under threat; County government will invade and spray Roundup

Huge organic farm under threat: County will invade and spray Roundup if not stopped
What?? A county government is going to destroy a massive organic farm?    
By Jon Rappoport
"I have a great idea. We're the Sherman County government. We have power. Let's claim Azure Farms can't control their weeds. Let's come in and invade them with Roundup and other toxic chemicals. Let's destroy their organic farm. We know the spraying won't wipe out the weeds---it'll make the situation worse. But who cares? Let's open up ourselves to massive lawsuits. I'm sure Monsanto will give us some legal help. We can set a fantastic precedent. No organic farm is safe. No organic farmer has the right to protect his land from the government. Isn't that a terrific idea?"
Government trespass, invasion?

REMINDER: World Premiere for MAINSTREAM Part 1 - 8PM Wednesday

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a film by James Jaeger
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