Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bad News: World War I and II Happened

By Anna Von Reitz

You don't want to believe that your government, your dear, dear sainted government, would kill you?
Well, the facts are in front of your face.
It's not really your government. It hasn't been your government since 1860. Two rival gangs of mostly-European commercial banks and trading companies set up an illegal commercial mercenary "war" on our soil and got away with it. They called it the "American Civil War" but the fact is that it was never declared by Congress and never settled via any peace treaty. It was a crime and it still is.

We are living through the backwash of an illegal and unresolved conflict that is now over 150 years old.
On the way here we have endured multiple fraudulent "national bankruptcies", two equally illegal World Wars, and constant lesser conflicts---Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, Libya, Afghanistan....
Prior to the Second World War the Nazis based their economy on investments made by the German People themselves---German banks, German aristocrats, German Jews--- and sold bonds based on the labor and assets of the German people to international investors, too.

When the Nazis couldn't pay their debts what did they do? They killed the Priority Creditors who were closest to home -- German bankers, German aristocrats, and German Jews.
Why? Because getting rid of those Priority Creditors erased a large part of their government debt, allowed the Nazis to claim the victim's homes and land and bank accounts and also netted the life insurance policies the Nazis placed on their Priority Creditors.

They loaded their Priority Creditors on cattle cars and took them to forced labor camps, worked some of them to death, and murdered the rest. That is what happened and that is why.
The same exact process has taken place here in America.

The US Government has done the same thing and now they can't pay their debts. 800 FEMA Camps. 30,000 guillotines. Thousands of "specially equipped" train cars set up with manacles.
Why guillotines? To harvest teeth and gold fillings, just as they did after Waterloo and just as they did at Treblinka.
Those who don't remember history are condemned to relive it.
Now those who have defrauded the world and who have set up this awful situation are understandably afraid.

We know who they are. We know where they live.
They have planned all along to do this by conventional means in order to maximize profits, but they have also had a Plan B, known as Slice and Dice Technology.
Many of you have heard of EMP's --- Electromagnetic Pulse weaponry created by exploding a nuclear bomb in mid-air, which has the effect of taking out electrical generators and electrical equipment of all kinds. Such a disaster could shut down the grid in an entire country, which is awful enough to think about--- but you haven't thought far enough.
Just as sound and other resonance frequency devices can promote and restore health, they can also be used as weapons to destroy.

Think of an energy device that does nothing but interrupt the electrical pulse of your heart beat? Like an EMP for biological systems? If nobody is there to restart your heart, you're dead.
Now think of such a device that can be triangulated to define a specific three dimensional space anywhere on Earth. It could be a mile high, a mile wide, and a mile deep in the ocean or in the air or it could be at ground level just as easily.
They have been testing these weapons for several years. Those tests are the cause of the "mysterious die offs" of sea creatures and birds all over the world. Whole huge flocks of birds suddenly drop out of the sky, dead as door nails. Turtles, porpoises, and other sea reptiles, amphibians, and mammals destroyed en masse and just as fast.

It's not as profitable as the old way of working them to death first, but it works and the mess is relatively short-lived and easy to clean up. No buildings are harmed. Just living things.
And this is what the Numbnutz have been threatening to unleash if they can't remain in control.
Obviously, they've done such a great job of running everything that we should be grateful and agree to let them put us in cattle cars and declare everyone hopelessly in debt for the next 10,000 years?
There are just a few things standing in their way--- and one of them, which I pointed out this morning, is your own ability to project energy over vast distances of time and space. Your thoughts are alive. Your emotions, too. You are a creator.

Most of you have inherited abilities that you don't begin to dream of, are more powerful than you can imagine, and it takes only a few of us to bend and twist and shape physical realities in such a way that these resonance weapons are useless.
On a more mundane level, frequency weapons can be countered with opposing frequencies, just like canceling out any sine wave with an equal and opposing one. We have machines that are capable of matching and erasing their signals.
We have advanced technologies that can take these vermin out, but the question is--- can we do it before they devastate a whole region?

Why not use the one weapon that they have no defense for and which they won't expect?
The concentrated force of the human mind, bearing down on them?
The Guardians among us have the ability to thwart the use of these weapons merely by thinking about them consciously and countermanding their use. But in order to do that, they must be aware that these things exist and that they are deployed and where they are located and how they operate and to some extent, who is operating them.

So to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, the information I gave this morning is important and won't be scoffed at or argued over. They will simply look, see, know, and do.
And this threat will be overcome, too.
When you hear Colonel House's chilling words (see my prior article and Melvin Stamper's excellent book, Fruit From a Poisonous Tree) and House's apparent satisfaction in condemning the American People to endless enslavement, you will have some idea of the asocial, amoral, uncaring, egocentric, snake-like, calculating nature of the vermin.

They live only to eat, to consume, to satisfy their own pride and appetites. They scheme endlessly. Lie endlessly. Deceive, defraud, and destroy endlessly.
They come in every color and pretend to embrace every creed, espouse every nation and represent every ethnicity. They make up about five percent of the total population on Earth and they cause nearly all of the violence, crime, destruction, misery and death.

They are galactic-level parasites.

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  1. This is were I differ with judge Anna this is not the way it happened germans were sattled.with a jew d teta . UN payable dept land stolen
    Had beaten the Russian the jews enemy the czar held the Jewish pilfering down .then the jews turn on Germany who way liked in America but the Balfour agreement cut a deal with England to use the American media to bring in the dumb americans . It was Germany the industrial lead of the world England and France didn't like the competition . Churchill said it's not Hitler it's not nationalism it's the german people . .my comment to dam productive . ..

    1. bubbaptric - When you say the Jews turned on Germany, were you talking about my grandma and grandpa, extended family who were photographers and seamstresses. You really believe they turned on Germany? You think that my mom's brothers who were 3 and 5 turned on Germany? They were taken from my grandparents and slaughtered. Mot of my family members were living peacefully in Europe and most were slaughtered like pigs. And if you think they turned on the Germany govt, you have really lost your mind. These were normal everyday people who were innocent, like most of the people in the concentration camps. If you believe an entire race of low income and middle income jews turned on the Germany govt, you have really been brainwashed.

    2. The galactic parasites are the Nordic aliens that worked with Hitler. Hitler was a part of alien channeling societies called the Vrille and Thule societies. These aliens are the Nordic white haired tall races that Hitler wanted to base his super-race on and kill anyone with Hebrew DNA. They are still here transhumanizing society with chemtrails and they are working from Antartica in underground bases. Humans are most likely being used as lab experiments, the same way we study animals, we are being studied and tested on to see our emotions and behaviors. The youtube video on the underground Nazi Antartica bases exposes who probably controls our humanity and keeps leaders psychotic. The youtube video "Navy Sailer Reveals all about Antartica Fallen Angels aliens" shows who really controls the psychotic events on this planet.

    3. true, just like the swastika is an inverted sufi symbol. he also found the spear of destiny. but the problem is "us" not "them." we are letting all this happen AND taking part in the evil. if we all just stopped paying taxes or assisting them in their wars, what could they do? WE are the problem and need to STOP immediately. we out number them greatly, there is nothing that they could do to us without our consent, think fight club, tyler durden.

  2. I've sent out my feelers. Will be in touch. Love and Light to all...

  3. Abe Lincoln was one involved in genocide. Gen Grant and Sherman used a new idea Total War that involved killing everything, dogs, cats, kids, cows, whatever the soldiers could not steal or ship out, burned everything then left survivors to starve. People in the south, tribal people of all kinds. Jackson too funneled funds to wealthy folks despite being touted as an antibanker, and carried further out Jeffersons extermination policy to rid the land of natives. It was not the people but the already rich who payed like 850 bucks to avoid the war draft and stay home whiles the poor folks, who did not want war died, were tortured, suffered and after ward if surviving become victims of debt slavery. Guillotines are relatively friendly compared to the horrors of the psychotics past actions.

  4. EMPs are overhyped and will not cause the damage that they are credited to do. there were hundreds of nuke tests in New Mexico and other places in the US and not one area suffered any ill electrical effects from EMP. You can google these facts for yourself instead of believing the lying hype that is being peddled by the fearmongers. Sorry but the EMP scenario is not based on reality or facts.

  5. Randal Christman that the best you got ? Try and make a complete sentence .
    I'm not a secretary, I dictate to them .probably not intrest in talking to your type I'm learning to educate my type of white ppl


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