Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

By Anna Von Reitz

Our actual government is in tatters.  It is hanging on by a ragged thread.  It exists mostly at the township and county levels and even those bulwarks are being undermined and downplayed and "enclosed" legally by "Councils of County Governments". 

If we don't wake to hell up and tend to our own knitting---- there won't be any knitting to tend, no Republic left.  Our enemies will claim that there are no actual American state nationals left.  They will point at all the bogus paper records and say---- all these people are United States Citizens or citizens of the United States..... there's nobody left.  All the American state nationals are dead.....their governments, the actual sovereign states and their land jurisdiction governments like the Wisconsin state and the Wisconsin State are no longer populated, no longer funded, no longer staffed by anyone.   

And then they will claim that everything that belonged to our grandparents is "abandoned property without known heirs" and they will claim that they have established "exclusive legislative jurisdiction" over us, and they will take over and that will be that.  We will be serfs serving the New World Order----which is just a name for the Old World Order wearing new suits. 

Their "new" order is nothing but feudalism imposed via legal chicanery.  What's new about that?

The Legacy of Easy Eddie ..... Or, Stop Being Stupid

By Anna Von Reitz

Al Capone's bookkeeper was a very talented and engaging young accountant named Easy Eddie O'Hare.  Easy Eddie gave us O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, thanks to his war hero son.  And he gave us the system of accounting that he designed for Big Al, via the FBI and IRS, and later adopted by the Government Accounting Office in 1946.

This is officially called "Double Entry Accrual Bookkeeping" or more commonly, "keeping two sets of books".

The IRS and FBI found out about this nifty trick accounting when they were investigating ---- and prosecuting ---- Al Capone.  They liked it so much that the "Government of the United States" officially adopted it following the Second World War.

The concept is simple.  Split the "streams of income" into budgeted and non-budgeted categories.  Then present only the budgeted amount for public notice and discussion.  People will naturally assume that the budgeted amount is all there is and not ask about the non-budgeted income----which becomes a giant secret slush fund.

The True History of the Income Tax and IRS ---- Again

By Anna Von Reitz

The first income tax was called "Peter's Pence" and it was collected along with a Confession of Sins on April 15 every year in both England and France beginning in the early 1100's as an extra mandatory "offering" to pay for the cost of the Crusades.

Sound familiar?  A tax on income..... a confession (filing)....due on April support the cost of a war?