Saturday, November 19, 2016

HEADS UP: Call to Action to Protect Electors from Terrorist Death Threats

From the Founder and President of Oath Keepers

On Nov 18, 2016, at 22:02, wrote:
Please spread this around far and wide on social media, and to all your people.  If you are in one of the states that went for Trump, please check the leftist target state lists, but even if your state is not listed, be prepared to protect your electors in case it becomes a targeted state.  Don't put anything past the terrorists who seek to STILL find a way to steal this election, this time through naked coercion and force against the Electors. 
We do need to stay cool and otherwise give them plenty of rope to hang themselves, but this is a serious threat that we must address.  We have no option of "sitting this one out."  And we simply cannot leave this to the police.  We have seen, in the past, people under direct death threats go unprotected by police even after they have directly requested protection. 

We saw that most recently with a black Republican woman candidate in Maryland.  Even after direct death threats by radical Muslims, all she could get from her local PD was token increased frequency of patrol car drive by's of her house. 
And, wherever there is civil unrest, the police will be even less able to provide any real protection. 
In addition to being prepared to help any Electors who contact us, we also need to be proactive about keeping watch over them when and where they gather on December 19.  

Don't presume that the Marxist radicals will not actually kill some Electors in the hopes of terrorizing the others into doing their will.   We are through the looking glass here.  And they are both desperate and deranged.   
I highly recommend watching this interview with SEAL vet Matt Bracken.
And also this documentary on leftist Weather Underground terrorism and how they coordinated with Jihadists in the 70s.  This is what I think is coming next:
Thank you all for your dedication to the Constitution and to our cause.  Any questions, just ask. 
Stewart Rhodes
President and Founder of
Oath Keepers
(406) 291-6558

Tell them to do the following:
A.  Connect with each other.  One of the benefits of any such call to action is the guys with the right backgrounds surface and begin to connect.  That's a good thing. 

B.  Connect with the official state leader (if there is one) or the state POC.   It is important that they connect with and coordinate with current leadership. 

C.  Tell them to also email national at and keep us in the loop.  They can cc that email on their correspondence with each other and their state leadership too. 
If they have trouble reaching their state leadership and getting coordination from them, tell them to email me directly at
It is incredibly important that if they do form up/task a security team, they MUST inform local police so the local cops know who they are and what they are doing.   That's not asking for
permission, but it is being courteous and professional, and is in everyone's interest.  Most of our guys should know that, but please pass it on anyway.   I will also make that clearer in the call
to action.  We want to avoid any chance of an accidental "blue on blue" with local police.