Monday, November 7, 2016

Valley Forge 2.0 - Help Needed

By Anna von Reitz

I need help.  We need help 

Today, my dear friend asked me how I was?  I replied that I felt like a Polish General.  (No insult to the Poles and their efforts against the Nazis and everyone else who has ever rolled across the Polish plains--- we can see who is still there and still standing in the end.)

It also occurred to me that this is how Washington felt at Valley Forge--- so much hanging in the balance and so much need and so much adversity.  Congress sat in Philadelphia and argued.  The farmers and the soldiers starved and bled.

We have come to the heart of the whole conundrum.  The reason why there is no peace treaty ending the Civil War.  The means used to steal and abuse your intellectual property---- and use that as a hook to steal and abuse your actual property as well.  We have faced the Enemy within and found that it is not the Russians or the Khazarian Jews or the African Americans rioting in the streets because they are unemployed and desperate--- no. 

Our real Enemy, besides Satan, is the same enemy it has always been---- the British Crown and the British Government, pretending to be our friends, while acting as thieves and murderers among us.