Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Now get Anna's entire website on a flash drive!

From the Desk of Paul Stramer

Here is another new page on the www.annavonreitz.com website where we are offering the entire website up to date to the day you order on a USB Flash Drive. These are brand new flash drives with USB 2.0 capability for great load speed.  At this point we are using 1GB drives with about half of that space used for the website.

Please take a look at the special page for this here:  http://annavonreitz.com/flash.html

You can order using PayPal, your credit card, or by US Mail with a check or money order.

This is a great way to spread Anna's work by handing them out, or carry one with you to print from, or copy to other people's computers.

THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT ON THESE FLASH DRIVES. If you bought it from us you can use it as you see fit, as long as there is no attempt to change any of the articles or publish the content for proffit.

Updates will be available without buying new drives unless the website gets so big we have to use a larger size drive. The price might go up at that point, but not by much.

If you have questions about this please email me at  pstramer@eurekadsl.net

Congressman Louis T. McFadden Speaks

by Anna Von Reitz

Thanks to Arnie Rosner for publishing Congressman McFadden's comments and affidavit.  I first read these words about thirty years ago, at a time when I only very dimly began to grasp what they meant and the enormity of the crime perpetuated against Americans by their own employees and supposed "Allies". 

I remember that despite only being dimly aware of the meaning of these words in terms of the "rest of the story" behind them, violent chills ran up and down my spine and there was no doubt in my mind that Congressman Louis T. McFadden was sincere and truthful and calling down perdition upon the criminals who defrauded his country-----and mine. 

These international banks and bankers have only grown more corrupt in the intervening years and the housecleaning that was due in 1934 is even more urgently needed now.  Take a step back in time and view things through Congressman McFadden's eyes in 1934, with the backdrop of the current corruption in view.  Then go to the Scanned Retina webpage and read the rest of McFadden's comments. 

We've been defrauded, lied about, our identity stolen, our resources stolen, our money stolen, our credit hijacked, our people dumbed down, our culture attacked, and now our employees have prepared the ultimate crime--- a claim on abandonment, pretending that we all "volunteered" to be one of them and to "voluntarily" give them our money and our land and our homes and our businesses, too, and to stand good for all the debts they accrued against us without our knowledge or consent. 

I tell you now with God as my Witness---- these vermin MUST be cleared out of the halls of Congress, out of Wall Street, out of the SEC, out of the banks throughout the world, out of every nook and cranny where they have taken refuge.  And their henchmen, the members of the Bar Associations must be confronted with their sins acting in support of this calamitous fraud being practiced not only against the Americans, but against decent nations and innocent people throughout the world.