Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Men and Angels

by Anna Von Reitz

Begin with the fact that everyone on this planet exists as a physical body inhabited by a spirit. Everyone knows this at some level, but we don't normally think about this and the implications of it.  

Without a spirit the body cannot live, and without a body the spirit lacks a material, physical vehicle to do work in this dimension.  The spirits that inhabit us are immortal and boundless and easily transcend both time and space.  Our bodies are like space suits---the means for the spirit to adapt to and operate in this environment. 

Vast, vast amounts of energy are required to create and maintain this three dimensional reality. The amount of energy it takes to create and maintain your fingernail is currently beyond your wildest imagination. 

Your spirit which exists as ordered energy is able to plug into the energy grid of the Universe and it generates a spirit body to do so.  This spirit body has organs just like your physical body has organs---- eyes for example ---- but it also has its own peculiar organs including the spinning energy vortices called chakras.