Sunday, June 26, 2016

Reply Regarding "Global Connection" Piece for Sandra

by Anna Von Reitz

We are in the process of birthing a "new world"---- but it isn't a world built of fantasies and lies about aliens from outer space any more than it is a fantasy built of lies about bloodline superiority and legal fiction entities.  

These people touting "Galactic" salvation don't particularly like me, because I don't fall in line and sing hymns to their fantasies and excuses any more than I follow along as a good little True Believer of the corporate matrix.  I do not intend to trade one "box" for another, thanks, and it is ironic that those offering such an option as the "Neu Republique" are the ones accusing me of trying to herd people back into a box based on the past. 

I do not propose belief in things that either never existed or that no longer do---including "the past".   I oppose idolatry in all its forms.   I don't encourage people to put their hope and trust in aliens, in foreign governments, in gold, in corporations, in "the past" or "the future",  in "global resets" or anything of the sort.  I encourage people to do their own research and use their own horse sense to take action in their own behalf.  Period. 

Citizen v. National Using Georgia as an Example

by Anna Von Reitz

Citizen = public servant, either state or federal.    State National = sovereign.  Simple as that.  A National is not obligated to act as a citizen of either the federal corporation nor of any state, but that does not fulfill the need that there continues to be for people to step up and fill public offices and serve the needs of their communities for peacekeeping, courts, public facilities and public services of all kinds. 

Whenever you see the word "of" you are talking about an incorporated entity---- thus "the United States of America" is a corporation of the "States of America" and the "State of Georgia" is its local franchise organization.  

Think of the Georgia State as you normally think of it---- a geographically defined land mass with borders and people living within those borders, right?  That is the "Georgia State", not the "State of Georgia".  

This is what people have to grasp.  Since 1868, the Georgia State does NOT equal the State of Georgia!