Friday, June 10, 2016

Eric Williams' response 6-10-2016 from Anna Von Reitz

My "Official" Answers to Eric Williams of RNB Fame

Anna Von Reitz

Eric in black,  Anna in blue

Due to excessive length and time constraints I was not able to provide you the relevant details of my experience in Federal Court against the IRS.  I have set down the content thereof herein below for your review.
However, of much greater importance is what I have provided herein thereafter, for your review and consideration.  I do sincerely request that you read what I wrote in its entirety.  If thereafter you would rather I refrained from further contact of you I will respect you advisement thereof.
The case was called, The Prosecutor stood and began his opening statement, "Citizens of the United States have an obligation to blah ... blah ... blah ..."  At which tome I stood to object.  The judge said:
1.  Judge:  "Why are you objecting Mr. Williams, he hasn't said anything yet?"
Me:  "Well, he said citizens of the United States have all the obligations he was mentioning, and that may be true, but I contend he does not have anything to put me in that class."
2.  Judge:  "Are you renouncing your citizenship?"
Me:  "How can I renounce that which I never applied for?"
3.  Judge:  "Where were you born?"
Me:  "At the time I was born I had just gone through a terrible ordeal, I was gasping for breath, I could not read or write, I did not know where I was or who I was or even what I was."
4.  Judge:  "What did your mother tell you?"
Me:  "At the time I was born I did not understand the child mother relationship.  I could not pick my mother from a lineup of one."
5.  Judge:  "What was on your birth certificate?"
Me:  "At the time I was born I did not,understand the importance of such a document.  I do not know if one was created regarding my birth or not," and, pointing to the prosecutor, I said:  "and he can't prove it."
6.  Judge:  "I am taking this matter under consideration and you will be notified"
Here is seems to be clear that the judge's questions, each and every one, individually, were intended to elicit from me an acknowledgment of citizenship'