Monday, April 18, 2016

History Hash by Anna Von Reitz

The most important insight that I have and that I can share with humanity is that your attention is being purposefully deflected and distorted.  You are being taught to consider differences in terms of groups or sets, and taught to consider similarities in terms of individuals or ones.  This programming makes everyone vulnerable to errors of assumption and logic that are mercilessly preyed upon and manipulated to the detriment of all life on this planet.

You MUST step back far enough to see the whole and you must sort your way through what I call the "History Hash" that you have been fed---either because those feeding it to you didn't have enough of the pieces to the puzzle to tell you the truth, or because they deliberately obscured things to serve an agenda.

Pretend that you are out in space, looking back at the Earth.   It is one thing, a unified whole.  There are no lines showing where Texas begins and Oklahoma ends.  At some level you all know this and know that this is the Truth, but because your very brain functions have been programmed otherwise, you instantly deflect away from this information.