Thursday, April 14, 2016

Letter to the Pope - 14 April 2016 from Anna Maria Riezinger

April 14, 2016
Big Lake, Alaska

His Holiness Pope Francis
Via email

Most Beloved Francis,

The perpetrators have now involved the Chinese in their schemes and are proposing to lend our gold to the Chinese ---who are in turn offering to lend it back to us-- profiting the criminals and the Chinese in the process. This money laundering scheme is so transparent that a small child can see it.  How then, does anyone propose to excuse it now or ever?

We deeply regret the injustices that the Chinese and many other people have suffered, but we do so from the standpoint of those who have been similarly afflicted by the same disease and suffered like injuries.  The American people are not at fault for the evils which have been committed both against us and in our names.

Upon waking, we see that we have foxes in charge of hen houses, rats in charge of grain storage, and proven criminals in charge of banks---and from that perspective, it matters not whether the products these banks are purveying are gold coins or engraved pieces of paper, stamped with the name “China” or the name “United States”. 

A One Page Reduction of the Situation


I have spent so many days explaining and explaining and trying to drum this into people's conscious awareness so now,  I have reduced it down to simple graphic form and a single page.

by Anna Von Reitz

These private corporate tribunals are only "giving an appearance of justice" ---- which the courts boldly state in their own published rules---- and you can believe them or not, based on your own experience. 

Governmental Services Corporation             Dates of Operation                 Operational Code

United States of America, Inc.                              1868 - 1999                      Federal Code Titles 1-50

(under bankruptcy administration)                       1933 - 1999

UNITED STATES, INC.                                          1944 - 2015                                 Title 50

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                  2009 -                            United Nations Law

USA INC.                                                                1944 -                                Puerto Rican Law

Your political status determines your "law" and your "persona" so long as that corporation exists and you are "enfranchised" by it. .