Sunday, February 14, 2016

Answer to Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and Anyone Else Who THINKS I Am Not a Judge:

by Anna Von Reitz

Below you will find (to use his word) "bullshit" that Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and certain others have been spreading around the internet and my answer to this post below and other accusations that I have been involved in shootings and murders is posted immediately below.  I have had about enough "bullshit" from ALL SOURCES thereof, have filed my teeth, and am ready when they are:

Ralph Kermit Winterrowd wrote:

Enough of this Patriot BS Nonsense that is floating on posts all over the Internet as is Anna Von Reitz [Judge]  is TOTAL FRAUD folks; and she is NO JUDGE; and, she sure isn’t a Constitutional Judge arising under the constitution of any the several States of the Union in Alaska.  Here are just some of the documents (facts) from the crooks in Alaska.  I have researched this out in great depth.  This is just the tip of the iceberg in this Post.  The Alaska Judicial Counsel has been given these documents and more; and, they find no “ethical” errors or problems.  Ask Lucifer if his demons are bad and what do you expect.  I will be taking them on but there is just one of me.  I have all of the research done that is required to take them to federal court for quo warranto or whatever.  Alaska Courts are a TOTAL waste of you time.

There are NO constitutional JUDGES/JUSTICES in Alaska or any Court arising under the constitution of any of the several States in Alaska.  There are no Civil Commissions issued to appoint judges or Justices to a “public Officer” signed by the Governor of Alaska.  (A real Civil Commission attached that we found that they overlooked in purging the archives).  This is mandated by the Constitution of the STATE OF Alaska (should be “Constitution of Alaska”) Article IV Section 5 [ I have all of the constitution of the several States up though 1878 - government book but requires Skype as the files are too large for e-mail] and AS 39.05.035. (Both included) There are no “Oaths of office as a public officer,” (Module attached on what it takes to be a “public officer”) as I have all of the oaths of the current folks called appointment letters ONLY and some are not even signed or even have letterheads.  The Alaska Bar Association  by a BAR RULE changed the name of the courts in 1974, changed the venue and changed the seals of the courts.  They had the legislature  repeal the Seal of the "Superior Court of Alaska” in the “Third District" of which the Anchorage Court still has it in the drawer of the HEAD Clerk’s Office.” (included)  Now the Court is called “In the Superior Court FOR the State of Alaska” using the “Trial Courts of Alaska” Seal with the “Third Judicial District" and the venue changed by the Ak Bar Assoc. from “Third District” in the statue to “Third Judicial District” and on and on.  These Courts of Alaska are only private Courts presided over by a mere Alaska Bar Member with ye ole black robe.  Enjoy, as I sure have.  I have put Judge Wolf under citizens arrest in open court for DL issue of trying to help Chickaloon Natives.  Pissed ye ole sob off and I was sentenced to 6 months jail (suspended 5 months), fined $5,000 (suspended $4,000) and 5 years probation.  They don’t even do this for DUI folks but I really pissed him and his cohorts off.  I will not bow to any of them - ever.  I never STAND and they don’t even attempt to address that as I can shove it right up their tush in a about 2 minutes tops in open court.
Lesson Learned - never attempt to help those that will not fight for their own freedom and liberty.  It was a federal sting and I bit, but Chickaloon got MORE Grants and the sobs even told me so.

In Dave Gladden’s case on this Fee Simple Absolute Title filed in the public record, Superior Court Judge White (sic) states  in an ORDER signed by her that she is merely an “Unsigned Jurist.” She was being challenged to recuse herself as   she was NOT a bona fide “public Officer” as there was No “Oath of Office as a Public Officer” on file of any judges or justices, no “Civil Commission” on file (Alaska states in a letter attached) as they don’t even use them any more in violation of  AS 39.05.035 (included) and Article IV Section 5  (included)  but they  do have “Employee Affidavit” - a flunky.  She signs documents at the bottom and has a law degree as a “undersigned jurist”  ( Order included).  Whoo-Haa!
The Appointment letter are “accepting” the appointment not the Appointment by a Governor Of Alaska by a valid Civil Commission (included) - found one that the didn’t Purge.  The sign “employee affidavits’ and get the 41 words correct but the  “Oaths” for “Public Officer" are all incorrect as they are RUSE.  They usually state “Constitution of the United States of America” versus the “Constitution of the United States’ and other irregularities. 
FORGET this Anna Von Reitz as she is fraud wasting valuable time that could used to learn the truth on issues.

And here below is my answer about Ralph and the office I occupy and the situation in general: