Friday, January 29, 2016


For immediate collection: $279 Trillion United States Silver Dollars payable in fine silver in cured liens against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the IMF dba UNITED STATES, INC, DBA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.
For immediate collection: $2 Billion United States Silver Dollars payable in fine silver in cured pre-emptive liens against the IMF dba UNITED STATES INC. dba FBI as damages owed the united States of America, the people of oregon, and the family of murder victim LaVoy Finicum.
For immediate collection: $387 Billion United States Dollars in gold owed to the Priority Creditors of the United States of America, Inc. bankruptcy, now in the possession of the Secondary Creditors the World Bank/IBRD.
Collectors receive a generous 20% commission on all assets and lien amounts recovered. Principal parties to be collected from are commercial banks, governmental services corporations and bankruptcy trustees.
All interested parties are invited to contact:
Alaska Civil Judge Advocates
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska RFD 99652
or call: (907) 250-5087

Instructions Regarding "FBI" Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon

Reports of over 200 heavily armed paramilitary commercial mercenaries disguised as lawful government employees rampaging through Burns, Oregon, trying to provoke local people into an armed insurrection.

They've been laughing about how they murdered LaVoy Finicum in local bars and restaurants.

They've been swaggering on the streets, proud of what they have done--- that is, supporting crime so blatant it takes your breath away.

They've been terrorizing local ranchers, entering private property, face-slamming people who are feeding livestock, threatening them with death and "ball crushing".

Looks like LaVoy Finicum is shot while his hands in the air before he reaches in his vest

Update: Here is an enhanced video of the shooting. Sam Culper of Forward Observer Mag said on his personal Facebook page that he thinks Finicum was first shot with his hands in the air. 
Here is what Sam had to say. "I saw this new, enhanced video and it actually might appear that LaVoy was shot while gaining balance in the snow, trying to keep his hands in the air. And then shot again while holding his side, probably the wound. Make up your own mind."
Watch this video and decide for yourselves.  I have watched this over and over. Right at the beginning, when LaVoy has his hands in the air, it seems to me he was shot, and only then did he reach into his vest. This video is very poor, filmed from a helicopter, and would NOT be acceptable for court evidence because of the poor quality, but what would you bet they will try to use it anyway and say he was reaching so they shot him.   I agree with Sam. I think he was shot immediately and then reached into his vest so was shot again.   What do you think. Look at Finicum right when the video starts. It looks like he is struggling to stay on his feet. Watch the guy in the bottom right side when the video starts. Please comment below.

Please remember that NONE of this would have happened if the Hammonds had not been railroaded into jail by a crooked BLM working with a crooked judge and prosecutor who were hiding evidence from the defense.  Evidence that the BLM actually set the fires the Hammonds are in jail for, AND THEY KNEW IT AHEAD OF TIME according to eyewitness testimony of two who came forward during the occupation and recorded audio affidavits of this.  I heard this during the occupation and that evidence needs to be put before the public right away.

Just my opinion of course.  They can try to defend their actions, but I will bet money that millions of people are NOT BUYING it.