Monday, January 18, 2016

Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature -- Language and Parse Syntax

by Anna Von Reitz

In recent days I have had cause to consider the Truth very deeply.  One of the Truths of our lives is that none of us are in control of anything.  As the Prophet Jeremiah observed, we cannot and do not control a single step.  We can't guarantee anything as a result--- we can't guarantee that we will perform any contract, do any deed, or even be alive in the morning. 

This is the Truth, but we promptly endeavor to forget it, and go our sinful silly way, pretending to make contracts right and left.     

As a result of our mortality and other natural limitations, we don't have the ability to contract, and absolutely everything that we do that pretends to create a contract is a fraud.  

Not only that, but at some level of our consciousness, it is a known lie.  

At best, we can make a good faith statement of our intentions or we can make a record of our actual actions.  That's it. 

As for promises to perform in the future-- there are and can be no guarantees. And that means that there can be no lawful enforcement. 

This is as true for corporations, which are merely legal fiction constructs, as it is for the living people who create corporations. Like people, corporations can die, go under new management, be bankrupted, or otherwise prevented or sidetracked from repaying debts or performing services. 

So, then, neither we nor any corporation we can create is competent to make a contract and neither we nor any corporation are owed enforcement of any act conceived in fraud. 

That's the Truth, too. 

Now I can guarantee you that I am not the first one in history to realize this and that this realization has caused no end of consternation for ages past.  

It has in fact been the driving force behind the creation of "the World"--- a wholly fictitious system of lies and "legal" constructs and people devoted to serving lies and legal fictions, a Make Believe domain where all the Liars gather and trade lies among themselves and waste no time in collecting new recruits and defrauding the rest of us. 

 And who are these Masters of Deceit, these "Liars" who serve the Father of All Lies?

ROUND SIX : Karen Hudes v. Judge Anna

Below you will find the text of a message Ms. Hudes put out on Twitter and which was forwarded to me by others this morning.  No actual hard copy correspondence has been received. 
Anna Von Reitz

KAREN wrote:
General Joseph Dunford, Jr. is not getting the gold you wanted the Global Debt Facility to give him. Instead, General Dunford, Jr. and any secret successors if such there be are all relieved of their command under martial law. The secret martial law in the United States is illegitimate. You want to perpetuate martial law? You have no authority to perpetuate martial law because the governed have withdrawn their consent and there is no legitimacy. Your attempt to reinstate General Dunford, Jr. as commander of the US government under martial law has failed. The United States is in interregnum. The indebtedness of all the countries of the world is now ended as a scam. The Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich owes more to the Global Debt Facility than all country debts.