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Saturday, December 17, 2016

AK47 with Slide Fire at new lower prices. Other components available

WASR 10 Romanian AK47  7.62 X 39 mm  For Sale by Owner, private sale only to a Montana resident.  
Now components priced separately.  

Like new AK47 with Slide Fire bump fire mechanism gives full auto fire without class 3 license.

This was bought new and has had less than 200 rounds fired. It's in excellent shape including barrel.
All the original parts for the wood stock and original hand grip are included.
I added a PWS muzzle break/ flash suppressor which really improved the accuracy and especially the handling in rapid fire mode. Very little muzzle rise compared to stock break.

For the gun with Slide Fire including original wood stock, and muzzle break.  $925.00
Includes paperwork for the Slide Fire from ATF showing non modification status. No special license required. 1 Magazine included.

If the gun sells with the Slide Fire and Muzzle break then these other components will be available.

Nice BSA green dot zero magnification sight with mount so you can keep both eyes open. $125.

6  Metal OEM  30 Round magazines  $20.00 each

Bags of Ammo, 150 rounds each for $30 per bag.  That's only .20 cents per round.

See more pictures here:  18 more pictures

Call 406 889 3183 or email
Private sale. The owner is NOT a dealer.  Cash is king.  

See more pictures here:  18 more pictures


  1. If "Germany" belongs to Montana, I would be very interested in your gun offert... But Germany is a colony of the "U.S.", and slaves are not allowed to own arms to free themselves from their usurpators, ore not?

  2. Ok I'll buy it.. BUT

    What happens when i run out of rounds?
    Do i save a couple for myself and family so we are not taken into a Fema camp for slow death?
    Do i pray before i shoot and then put on my warrior face so i can kill as many of them as possible??
    What happen to "Love thy enemy"?
    Do i importune to the Magnum Mysterium?
    Did Jesus picked up arms, or did he said "he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword"?
    Shall i pick up my AK47 in one hand the Bible in another and as we say in the Marine Corps "let God sort them out?"

    What's wrong with America, what's wrong with mankind in general? Look in the mirror and you will have the answer.

    We "had" the constitution For the united state of America for the Republic for which it stand and as it was warned "if you can keep it". The public failed in keeping the servant in check and got greedy and forgot about God. Now in trouble we still forget about God and decide it is best we pick up arms and fight out way out. We forgot who God is and that it is he who fights our battles.

    Are you getting the picture?


    1. "And for support of this Declaration, with firm riance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other ourLives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

      I got this picture and this all was their invention, struggle and fulfillment as a gift to posterity-
      "A Republic- if you can keep it." BF

      "Go out and buy a sword."
      "Put your sword back in its place." Christ Jesus

      Soooo you should have one and it has its place- only valid discretionary wisdom in God's grace determines use. Me

  3. I won't sell it to you. You are too confused. You don't understand why we all have a right of self defense. Even Christ picked up a whip and drove the money changers out of the temple.
    Our lives are not our own to throw away on a whim. It's one thing to trust God, and completely another to refuse to use the ordinary means He provides, and instead rely on a miracle.
    Will you stand by and allow the criminals in government to murder your family, or will you try to help them?
    Suicide is mortally sinful. You would be giving up on God, which is the other side of the same coin. You can't be saved if you commit Suicide, regardless of the circumstances.
    Sorry, the gun is not for sale to you.

  4. No problem don;t need it, i have my own weapons.

    But again you don't get it and thats the problem with America, you don't get and do not understand the game so you resort to accusation, but Anna has a pretty good idea.

    When the man fail to take the banner, a strong woman will, take that to the bank and understand why Anna is Queen in this forum.

    And always peace and love and most of all Mercy

  5. I will let our readers decide for themselves who is right in this comment thread. You might mean well but keep studying.


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