Sunday, October 2, 2016

Comment on Luis Ewing, Larry Becraft, and Admiralty Lawyers, et Alia

by Anna Von Reitz

Luis Ewing is a "jailhouse lawyer"--- self-taught in Admiralty Law only---who makes his living off other people's ignorance. In this he is like many, many other lawyers--- except that he didn't go to law school and often messes up his processes and procedures.

Luis tried to attach himself to me early on as a means to troll for clients--- people seeking help on my website.  He was jumping in and offering his services as if he was recommended and endorsed by me.

When I objected to this and exposed his unimpressive track record, he took it personally and decided that I was a potential danger to his income stream and went on the war path trying to discredit me, because I exposed his record----which all by itself discredits him. 

As always look at who is throwing the dirt and why.

I am teaching people to respect and use the American Common Law, which they are owed as people per Amendment VII,  instead of allowing themselves to be treated as "things" and railroaded around under Admiralty Law. 

Since both Larry and Luis make their bean and coffee money off Admiralty Law and also obtain whatever power and control they have over others via the use of Admiralty Law, someone like me is perceived as a nasty threat.  I am a competitor.  I am taking away business from them.  Reducing their market share. 

What do you expect them say? 

That I have better bananas than they do?  That my system of law is far simpler and easier to use?   That American Common Law is the legitimate law of the land?  That  people are being defrauded and suffering personage at the hands of Admiralty Lawyers?

You expect them to admit that and smile and dance all the way home when they see me coming?  You imagine that they are going to be happy about the restoration of American Common Law Courts, when their income and their social prestige is tied to Admiralty Law?

You must be dreaming. 

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  1. There has been a spiritual battle going on for a very long time between the light forces and the dark forces. The perverted "law" system is a small part of that battle.

  2. Its almost comical once you know what is really going on in court to see defendant after defendant relying on their attorneys to do the right thing for them, when right from the start(arrignement) they all betray their defendants ising the exact same two words..."NOT GUILTY" your honor!!!! NEXT!! But once in a great while, some of these attorneys are faced with a real delima of conscious. I remember reading about an attorney of 20 years, who was approached by a really good friend who needed his help desperatly. He was being charged by the IRS for tax evasion or something like that, but was facing serious charges and jail time. He couldnt let his friend down. Besides, he thought whats the worse they can do, sanction me for a penalty or find me in contempt. So he went to court with him , and the judge read all the charges against him, and his client refused to plea. So the judge entered a plea for him. Thats when his attorney friend stepped in and objected to the judges decision asking the judge..."can a judge in a criminal hearing act as both a judge and an attorney, over the defendants objection". The case was over. But so was the attorneys career. You are not allowed to stop a criminal proceedure already in progress if you are holding a bar card. So he lost his ability to practice in that state, right. Wrong. He found out that he couldnt practice law in all 50 states. His career was over, but his friend was saved. At first he regretted it, but as time went on he started a coffee shop dealing with nothing but happy people and realized that losing that job of his was the best thing that ever happened to him. For the first time in 20 years, he was finally happy. THE END..HAPPILY.


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