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Saturday, May 14, 2016

From DE FACTO to de jure – the process for which you have been looking…

Handbook for the Peaceful Restoration of the Sovereign States of America!

From the Michigan Assembly, a general jural assembly.

Many have been asking for the process. Now you have it.
I heartily recommend that each and every one of you bookmark this website of the Michigan Assembly and make a genuine study of it. Read a few pages each and every day, and learn how to be self governing.
Add to that your own attempt to beg our Creator for His Grace, that we might be able to understand what we read and put it into action.
Please pray with me:
"Come Holy Ghost, into the hearts of thy faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
O God, who didst instruct the hearts of Thy faithful people, by the light of Thy Holy Spirit, Grant us by the gift of the same Spirit that we might be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation, Through Christ Our Lord. Amen"
Paul Stramer


  1. Thank you Paul, and I do pray along with you for guidance. Now if we could just get a way for everyone on this blog to be able to contact each other so we could network. I'm from Wisconsin and don't know a soul who has a clue about any of this stuff...but know they are there...but where?


  2. Here in N. Ca. I have a clue Margy, we are not alone it just seems that way. Paul great prayer, we need many, thanks

  3. I also and awake and a friend of Dr bob and Winston Strout and Judge Anna and have a lot of Info. In my Journey for the truth I found Jesus Christ though Marcus Youtube video's Google the Perfect Swindle on youtube he has 23 episodes YOU ALL Should watch everyone.There are 23 and I have watch everyone and now starting over. I was awake for 2 years and thought I new a lot. WHEN I SAY YOU WILL NOT HAVE KNOWN THIS THAT IS WHY IT TRULY IS THE PERFECT SWINDLE. PLEASE watch Episode then5,6.7. then start from 1st because them will show how deep this really go's.Anyone that is awake know's Marcus then google and watch YE SHALL BE REDEEMED ON YOUTUBE. THIS IS THE LASTEST INFO ON THE BIBLE AND THE LINK TO PER'SONS and The COLB.Please find the page Documents on the process with the words that are in the Bible to received the biggest gift of our Lord Jesus Christ has to offer us in his gift of salvation for us to be in the book of life!!! Someone could of wrote this better but if you follow judge Anna and you are blessed in Jesus Christ then please when you find this out Your Salvation is near. Please do not take my word that this is true.Go spend the time and find out if what I say is true.. I wish someone had told me this remember 5,6.7. on Marcus will blow you away on the truth. Paul that go's for you too. I never left a comment but if Paul will allow the link here is YE SHALL BE REDEEMED!!! ALSO FOLLOW Judge ANNA ON Facebook.BUT find the Document above on google search I have and got from a group fb friend and The Documents are the words in the Holy Book.

    1. Christ has already paid the price. He has redeemed us by His Blood. He did NOT guarantee our salvation, which only comes through our complete cooperation with His grace, and with true and final repentance for all of our sins.
      He did redeem us, and for anyone to say there is anything lacking in that redemption, he is involved in heresy.
      But if you think you can read that King James so called Bible and find your own salvation, with private interpretation, you have fallen into the same trap as Millions of so called Christians for over 5 centuries, who throw out what they want, so they can keep doing their favorite sin.


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