On the Ground report from Lee Arthur Rice III from Burns Oregon

PUBLIC NOTICE...Here i am, one hundred fifty one years (151) later in a place our founding fathers warned us about. I along with Michael Emry of TVOI News and several other news reporters observed four (4) military vehicles and at least thirty (30) trucks and cars some which appear to be white Department of Home Land Security vehicles converge on the refuge. It has also been brought to my attention that there are also several black hawk helicopters at the airport where the FBI is staged. All this for the four (4) maybe (5) people, patriots that have done no harm, damaged any property and have NO intent of any violence. On the other hand the de facto government officials have demonstrated their intent to cause fear, harm and injury to the people of Harney county. The murder of LaVoy Finicum and the wrongful arrest of the Bundys and others. The malicious and wrongful prosecution of the Hammonds and the continued threats to local ranchers, farmers and other people of Harney county. It is quite obvious who is wrong here."The people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts. Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln, February 12, 1865The mainstream media is not reporting the Truth. They are changing the narrative to fit Agenda 21, buying into the false accusations and presumptions of de facto elected or appointed public servants that have usurped their delegated authority in the first place. Their continued mischaracterize and demonization of the militia and the people who are here to lawfully, Constitutionally and peacefully assist the people of Harney county is in itself deceitful and misleading. This is not just a Harney county matter. It is a matter that concerns all counties in these united states of America. May the Good Lord bless, keep and protect us all. Much Love.
Posted by Lee Arthur Rice II on Friday, January 29, 2016

It's NOT going well for the "official version" video of LaVoy Finicum's death.

Tyranny, Defiance, and the Death of LaVoy Finicum

The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America

by Anna Von Reitz

In March, the IMF's governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.) went insolvent. It was entered into Chapter 11 without naming a Successor to Contract. That left the "federal" side of the Constitution vacant and flapping in the wind.
The intention of the perpetrators is obvious. They meant to void the Constitution once and for all.
So, what to do?
We had already delivered Due Process to the IMF dba UNITED STATES and its franchises, resulting in a proper Judgment of Commercial and Administrative Default.
We had already entered a properly constructed claim in commerce to claim back all the assets naturally belonging to the American people.
We formed an alliance with the Lakota and the Athabasca, two of the largest Native American nations----which are "federal" and which have internationally recognized tribal governments, and we filed Sovereign Letters Patent and a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.
The Constitution was saved and a new foundation begun.
The Native Americans are now free to come home to land that they were "removed from", no longer POW's, they have regained their sovereignty as free, sovereign and independent people living on the land.

Friday, January 29, 2016


For immediate collection: $279 Trillion United States Silver Dollars payable in fine silver in cured liens against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the IMF dba UNITED STATES, INC, DBA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.
For immediate collection: $2 Billion United States Silver Dollars payable in fine silver in cured pre-emptive liens against the IMF dba UNITED STATES INC. dba FBI as damages owed the united States of America, the people of oregon, and the family of murder victim LaVoy Finicum.
For immediate collection: $387 Billion United States Dollars in gold owed to the Priority Creditors of the United States of America, Inc. bankruptcy, now in the possession of the Secondary Creditors the World Bank/IBRD.
Collectors receive a generous 20% commission on all assets and lien amounts recovered. Principal parties to be collected from are commercial banks, governmental services corporations and bankruptcy trustees.
All interested parties are invited to contact:
Alaska Civil Judge Advocates
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska RFD 99652
or call: (907) 250-5087
email: avannavon@gmail.com

Instructions Regarding "FBI" Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon

Reports of over 200 heavily armed paramilitary commercial mercenaries disguised as lawful government employees rampaging through Burns, Oregon, trying to provoke local people into an armed insurrection.

They've been laughing about how they murdered LaVoy Finicum in local bars and restaurants.

They've been swaggering on the streets, proud of what they have done--- that is, supporting crime so blatant it takes your breath away.

They've been terrorizing local ranchers, entering private property, face-slamming people who are feeding livestock, threatening them with death and "ball crushing".

Looks like LaVoy Finicum is shot while his hands in the air before he reaches in his vest

Update: Here is an enhanced video of the shooting. Sam Culper of Forward Observer Mag said on his personal Facebook page that he thinks Finicum was first shot with his hands in the air. 
Here is what Sam had to say. "I saw this new, enhanced video and it actually might appear that LaVoy was shot while gaining balance in the snow, trying to keep his hands in the air. And then shot again while holding his side, probably the wound. Make up your own mind."
Watch this video and decide for yourselves.  I have watched this over and over. Right at the beginning, when LaVoy has his hands in the air, it seems to me he was shot, and only then did he reach into his vest. This video is very poor, filmed from a helicopter, and would NOT be acceptable for court evidence because of the poor quality, but what would you bet they will try to use it anyway and say he was reaching so they shot him.   I agree with Sam. I think he was shot immediately and then reached into his vest so was shot again.   What do you think. Look at Finicum right when the video starts. It looks like he is struggling to stay on his feet. Watch the guy in the bottom right side when the video starts. Please comment below.

Please remember that NONE of this would have happened if the Hammonds had not been railroaded into jail by a crooked BLM working with a crooked judge and prosecutor who were hiding evidence from the defense.  Evidence that the BLM actually set the fires the Hammonds are in jail for, AND THEY KNEW IT AHEAD OF TIME according to eyewitness testimony of two who came forward during the occupation and recorded audio affidavits of this.  I heard this during the occupation and that evidence needs to be put before the public right away.

Just my opinion of course.  They can try to defend their actions, but I will bet money that millions of people are NOT BUYING it.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Essential Knowledge for Every American to Know from Judge Anna

Every time you incorporate anything you take off the land and out from under the Law of the Land --including the Constitution-- and place it in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea.
The perpetrators responsible for the mess this country is in incorporated the federal governmental services corporation doing business as The United States of America (Inc.) in 1868 and began using it as a false front for racketeering.  By 1965 all the unincorporated State governments had been seduced by bribery and promises of “federal revenue sharing” --- that is, kickbacks from federal corporate racketeering---to incorporate as federal municipal franchises. The counties then followed suit to get their share of the loot.
This is why when you are “presumed” to “reside” in these counties and States you can’t access the Law of the Land, can’t access the protections and guarantees of the Constitution, and can’t access the Common Law.
This is also why Common Law disappeared from the courts and the reason that the Constitution and the other Organic Laws are not being enforced.

What China Can Expect and Needs to be Told - Judge Anna Von Reitz

January 27, 2016
Hu Jintao
President of the Peoples Republic of China
9 Xihuang-Chenggen
Bijie Beijing

Dear Sir,
Like a deadly parasite, the international banks have left their hosts in America and Europe after draining us dry and they have now taken refuge in China.
These particular banks and their Ancient Babylonian practices occur as outbreaks throughout history---a commercial equivalent to Bubonic Plague.
The most recent bout began in England in 1867 with the passage of the Enfranchisement Act of that same year. Benjamin D'Israeli, a promoter and advocate of this ancient evil, promised Queen Victoria that she would be Empress of India if she went along---- and she did become Empress of India at the price of betraying the British People to endless enslavement and perpetual debt. Disraeli used the proceeds from enslaving the Brits to enslave the Indian Subcontinent -- the enslavement of one people used to enslave another-- and so it spread throughout the old British Empire and around the world.
The first major repudiation came in 1949 at the hands of Mahatma Gandhi, who realized that these banks and the corporations they spawn naturally produce a spiritual evil like a toxin that creates alienation, immorality, selfishness, elitism, violence, oppression, fear, unhealthy consumerism, war-mongering, and delusions. The Nazis and British Raj demonstrate this mindset.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Uniformed Agent Provocateurs

By Jim Kirwan

in Oregon
The FBI held a supposed Press Conference today, except that the term 'pres conference' implies that there would be explanations for actions taken by those who called the press-conference. But in this case, no-questions were allowed, despite the fact that the FBI had murdered one of the activists, who was on their way to supposedly meet with the FBI and others to talk about ways to end this impasse peacefully. This event produced the first shots from the government, six of which entered the body of the man they murdered on the road. That 'murder' by the government will start this war with the U.S. Government, that will only intensify ­ given their continuing fascist attitude toward the American public.
There were supposed to be only three speakers at today's meeting, but the stage was flooded with uniformed mutes, who were there to show thuggery at its finest. The FBI director for the State of Oregon, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon and the Sheriff of Burns were supposed to speak. But when the Sheriff took the microphone he was accompanied, at his left hand elbow, by his partner in crime “The Judge”, better-known as Judge-Grasty. All three speakers should be behind bars, for giving their bogus comments to the people of Burns and to the the United States.
FBI Press Conference on Oregon Standoff and Shooting (TRUNEWS VIDEO)

An American Amritsar - Judge Anna Von Reitz

January 27, 2016
Addressed to:
Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secretary General
1st Avenue and 46th Street
New York NY 10017

Francois Hollande
55 Rue du Faubourg St. Honore
75008 Paris

Barack Hussein Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

In Re: American Amritsar

Dear Sirs:

We should have heard it at Ruby Ridge, and somehow, despite the facts, did not.  A young Mother shot to death along with her baby and young son and the family dog for no reason by FBI Agents.

We should have heard it again at Waco, Texas.  A private community of people invaded, gassed, fire bombed--- again, with no credible reason by federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Exactly where were the stockpiles of alcohol,  tobacco, or  firearms at Waco?

And now, a caravan of peaceful Americans on their way to a public meeting to discuss unlawful actions of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-- ambushed, murdered in cold blood, and subjected to false arrest by members of the FBI and "STATE" police.  What "STATE" of Oregon would that be?  A  bankrupt corporate franchise of the French Corporation known as the UNITED STATES, or the actual state of the Union owed to the people of Oregon?

Initial attempts are being made by the FBI to claim that it was being hindered  in the accomplishment of their "official duties"---- let's make it very clear that the members of the FBI are no longer public officers and have no "official duties".  They are commercial mercenaries acting under color of law at the behest of private, mostly foreign-owned banks, including the IMF, and dirty politicians.

Breaking News: Eyewitness Account of Bundy Takedown

Audio testimony of Victoria Sharp, who was in the vehicle ambushed by the Feds, and who watched La Voy Finicum get shot with his hands in the air!
James White                NorthWest Liberty News
I received a call late last night from a trusted friend, XXXnameremovedXXX, who had just got off of the phone with his friend, Victoria Sharp. Bill was obviously moved as he spoke to me, as his friend Victoria Sharp was in the vehicle ambushed by the FBI last evening; an ambush that resulted in the arrest of Amman Bundy, and the death of patriot, La Voy Finicum.
For now, I will not add my personal commentary on this matter, but instead let the eyewitness testimony of someone who is probably grateful to still be living about now do the talking. Our prayers go out to the family of La Voy Finicum who, as you will hear, was shot down like a dog with his hands in the air. After he fell, they pumped up to 6 more rounds into him for good measure.
To hear Victoria Sharp’s testimony, I have linked to my friend Bill’s YouTube channel below and have uploaded the interview to create a podcast which you can also listen to below.      See above video/audio.

All of the above breaking news found at :  


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

by Anna Von Reitz

There is no provision upon land nor upon sea nor in the heavens allowing a corporation to declare war, declare martial law, operate as a crime syndicate, or interfere with the political standing of living people.

When what is true appears what is false must pass away.

This is your private and inescapable Notice that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has engaged in criminal acts and that it is at this moment shredding documents to avoid its culpability.

This is your private and inescapable Notice that the FBI has committed murder and false arrest of peaceful American state citizens in Oregon for protesting the unlawful and illegal acts of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and that it has stubbornly refused to recognize the political standing of its victims.

This is your private and inescapable Notice that the corporations you work for including the UN Corporation, the IMF, the UNITED STATES, the FEDERAL RESERVE ---which are international banks and their subsidiaries and subcontractors--- are operating as crime syndicates on our shores.

Open Letter to Congress and the Federal Governors

by Anna Von Reitz:

The Situation:

Ever since the IMF doing business as the “UNITED STATES” together with its “STATE OF” franchises took over the governmental services contract owed to the organic states of the Union,  members of Congress past and present have been racking up debt on our credit and claims against our property assets for purposes we never approved of and which do not benefit us.  

You have also continued to charge us and receive credit for these “services” while failing to actually pay the debt and balance the accounts---effectively triple-dipping: taxing us on one side and forcing us to also provide our private credit as a second payment on the other and then leaving the original debt unpaid for us to pick up at the end of the day.

This is called “odious debt” and we have repudiated it and the entire system of fraud and racketeering giving rise to it.  

The Federal Reserve System began over a hundred years ago, but fraud has no statute of limitations.

Monday, January 25, 2016

General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. , American Armed Forces

from Anna Von Reitz

January 21, 2016
General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. , American Armed Forces
c/o The Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff
Washington, DC 20318-9999
Board of Governors World Bank/IBRD/IMF
Board of Directors World/IBRD/IMF
1818 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20433
IN RE: Final Notice of Commercial Obligation Lien World Bank/IBRD/IMF of January 4, 2016

Dear Sirs:
You are in receipt of our Final Notice referenced above. We have received no answer to our five claim assertions from Karen Hudes in her position as a Trustee for the so-called “Global Debt Facility” but have received complaints via internet claiming that we didn’t notify you prior to the Final Notice. In fact we have given you and your franchises nearly three years of Due Process, up to and including Final Notice of Commercial and Administrative Default (February 3, 2014) and Final Judgment and Civil Orders (April 11, 2014) issued to the STATE OF ALASKA and Joseph Everheart, Regional President of WELLS FARGO among others responsible as Agents.
Ms. Hudes also claimed that we don’t have standing --- when in fact we have already established standing as a matter of record with the Vatican Chancery Court (2010) and provided Due Process Notice of our standing to Queen Elizabeth II and her Registered Agents for two years, and to corporate managers of the IMF dba UNITED STATES, INC. and its various STATE franchises since 2011.
There is absolutely no doubt that we have revoked any presumed election of political status apart from that of our birthright, have formally declared that this is so being the only ones having first-hand knowledge of the facts and our intentions, that we stand on the land jurisdiction of the United Colonies of America and are Entitlement Holders, First Copyright Holders, and Beneficiaries of all estates, Estates, and ESTATES as well as any derivatives such as public transmitting utilities held in our given names and are Lawful Heirs of our progenitors having material interest in all inheritable private property and all public property vested in the land of the organic states and the States of America and the United Colonies of America in sum total.
The following facts now stand as un-rebutted Truth in Commerce and international law:

Cover Letter to Pope Francis - From Anna Von Reitz

From the Americans:

by Judge Anna Von Reitz

We are indeed calling upon you in your Extraordinary role as Trustee of the Unam Sanctum Trust and the Jurisdiction of the Air to act in our behalf in this matter addressed to the Board of Directors and Boards of Governors of the World Bank/IBRD/IMF.  Hard copy with seals is in the mail to you and HRM Elizabeth and those directly addressed. 

The Great Fraud that the Holy See and your predecessors participated in is fully known and exposed to millions of people worldwide.  Whatever the circumstances and reasons for this participation they are not important now. 

What remains is a prompt removal of false claims and improper administration of the Global Estate and especially our part of it.   We suggest that you access the Emergency Stabilization Funds and pay the American Armed Forces without respect to Jacob Rothschild.  His offer to operate the UNITED STATES under new management as a Successor has been rebuffed as just more of the same destructive and dishonest fraud. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Corruption in Harney County Oregon exposed

Brandon Curtiss
3 hrs ·
**3% of Idaho Official Statement for Immediate Release**
January 24, 2016
The recent statement released by the Harney County Sheriff’s Office on January 21, 2016 further attempts to discredit the lawful presence of the PPN and our continued efforts to support the community. Rather than address the grievances of the community, Sheriff Ward and Judge Gratsy continue to ignore the growing support within the community, and would rather engage in fear mongering to push a false narrative. Ward also continues to ignore the deep level of corruption surrounding Judge Steve Gratsy, the FBI, and officials within the county.
The Facebook post by the Sheriff’s Office claim the references to federal individuals caught posing as militia are inaccurate. However, intelligence confirms that the vehicles associated with these individuals are in fact registered to a government agency. Ward is selectively releasing information to the public regarding the PPN’s presence which illustrates an inaccurate portrayal of the PPN’s attempts at negotiating a peaceful resolution. Statements made in a previous Press Release by the PPN can be verified through and through.
Furthermore, Sheriff Ward continues to prove himself as an unconstitutional Sherriff by not only ignoring the underlying issues of federal overreach, but by removing a reporter for exercising his 1st Amendment right during a recent open assembly. During this assembly, Oregon State Representative Cliff Bentz read a list of laws which are supposedly being broken by the Occupiers. These biased interpretations of the law are gross misrepresentations of the Constitution and completely ignore the illegality of BLM behaviors. After hearing this list, a reporter asked “What about the Constitution?” He was immediately led out of the building for “disrupting the assembly”.
Ward has also failed to mention or publicly acknowledge his push for excessive use of aggressive police behavior is conducting unnecessary traffic stops of local supporters and PPN members in an attempt to intimidate. Officers have reportedly conducted traffic stops with no probable cause and without having established necessary driving patterns to justify these traffic stops. These instances are professionally inappropriate and can be verified by several local witnesses
The PPN will continue to maintain a neutral presence within Harney County to encourage open dialogue, a peaceful resolution, and to expose the dishonest conduct of Judge Steve Gratsy, the FBI, and officials within the county. The misinformation tactics being employed the Sherriff are distasteful and misleading. The refusal of Sheriff Ward to address community grievances, his restrictions of 1st Amendment rights, ignoring corruption within the county, and pushing a false narrative must be exposed so that a peaceful resolution can be attained.

Is The FBI Assembling Death Squads - A Commentary by Judge Anna Von Reitz

The following headline was published at the Common Sense Show website on Saturday the 23rd, 2016

The FBI Assembling Death Squads As They Bring In 200 Vehicles to Oregon

In a shocking development, the FBI has brought in over 200 vehicles to Burns, Oregon. To those that know their history, it appears that Burns, Oregon will soon become the next Waco.  If I had family (i.e. women, children and the elderly), I would have them leave the Burns, Oregon area as there is ready to be a good old fashion military battleground. ......

I forwarded that to Judge Anna hoping she would write something, and this is what she has sent back with instructions to make sure this goes viral and very quickly before these agents get violent.

Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World---
Round Seven:  Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF:
There Is No “Interregnum”
23 January 2016

Everyone needs understand that our government is not in any “interregnum” as the result of a governmental services corporation going bankrupt. 

That is a problem for the owners and operators of that corporation.  It is not a problem for the lawful sovereigns of this country.  We are able and willing to appoint new federal entities to act as our agents in the international venue and we have done so.

This is the equivalent of dropping the employment contract of a criminal housekeeper and hiring someone new to do the job.  The IMF owned and operated UNITED STATES is insolvent.  It presumed upon us, stole our identities, racked up our credit accounts to the moon --- and we have repudiated the entire circumstance and the associated odious debts.

Everyone on Earth can plainly see that the sovereignty of this country is fully vested in the unincorporated people and organic states and has never been vested in any incorporated legal fiction entity at all.   Ms. Hudes’ presumption that this country is in any kind of “interregnum” is the height of self-interested wishful thinking.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy from Judge Anna - 22 January 2016

Anna Von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy,  

Surely it is apparent now that the Doctrine of Scarcity hasn't worked?   And that tolerance of idolatry hasn't worked, either? 

These things have only promoted injustice and terrible suffering and caused the Church to stumble.

The Americans have repudiated the odious debt accrued against them via fraud by the British Crown.  They have also refused Jacob Rothschild's offer to buy the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. and operate it as a successor to contract. 

This is because neither the UNITED STATES, INC., nor its predecessor the United States of America, Inc., nor its predecessor The United States of America, Inc., nor any of the incorporated municipal governments of the District of Columbia ever had a consensual contract with the States of America to begin with.  

They were all interloping foreign governmental services corporations passing themselves off as the government owed to the people of this country, occupying what appeared to be public offices, and abusing those offices for private gain, operating various coercive racketeering and fraud schemes against the innocent people, and generally acting as parasites among us. 

The Cabal is under a perfected lien for 279 Trillion Dollars as of Friday at Midnight

As of January 15th at Midnight Friday night the 279 Trillion Dollar lien is a perfected instrument lacking only someone with backbone enough to go collect it.

Found here:  http://geopolitics.co/2016/01/22/indonesia-at-bat-keenan/  Read this article.

The video is taken from a television series call The Blacklist. Very interesting series that you should watch. It's propaganda, and the old saying that "A liar has to tell 95% truth to get his 1% lie believed." might be true, but in this case they are giving away lots of stuff most Americans don't have a clue about. The series has nothing to do with this actual lien against the ABA, IBA, and DOJ, but I thought the parallels were interesting.

And here is the actual lien filed in Mesa county Colorado on October 15th 2015. with SEC trace number of  2640220 THAT WAS NEVER ANSWERED.


Keep checking at the following websites for news on this.



Thursday, January 21, 2016

Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

Warning to Governor Kate Brown of Oregon.

Published on Jan 21, 2016


Without asking God for his help, NOTHING can be won.

Pray without ceasing!

Lesson from the Book of Wisdom  Ecclus. 51, 1-12

I will give glory to Thee, O Lord my king, and I will praise Thee, O God my Saviour.

I will give glory to Thy name: for Thou hast been a helper and protector to me, and hast preserved my body from destruction, from the snare of an unjust tongue, and from the lips of them that forge lies; and in the sight of them that stood by, Thou hast been my helper; and Thou hast delivered me, according to the multitude of the mercy of Thy name, from them that did roar, prepared to devour.
Out of the hands of them that sought my life, and from the gates of afflictions which compassed me about from the oppression of the flame which surrounded me, and in the midst of the fire I was not burnt; from the depth of the belly of hell, and from an unclean tongue, and from lying words, from an unjust king, and from a slanderous tongue; My soul shall praise the Lord even to death: because Thou, O Lord our God, deliverest them that wait for Thee, and savest them out of the hands of the nations.

Exclusive Oath Keepers Interview with LaVoy Finicum at the Refuge in Harney, OR.

While I was boots on the ground in Burns, OR.  I had a chance to sit down and speak with LaVoy Finicum, one of the leaders of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom (www.C4CF.com) about what led him to leave his ranch in Arizona to be a part of the Hammond family support march and then partake in the occupation of the Malheur Refuge Center in Harney County Oregon.
In this interview we discuss the background of the Hammond family court case and the issues that surround what led to the conviction of the Hammond family and the questions that surround it. We then discuss the actual occupation of the Refuge Center and the planning that led up to that occupation and why there is the exercising of 1st Amendment rights along with the 2nd Amendment rights and other related topics. Please share this interview out with everyone you know in the Patriot Community.
Jason Van Tatenhove
National Media Director / Associate Editor

Found here:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Question and Answers about Freedom to Travel and Other Freedoms and Responsibilities

Anna Von Reitz

Hi Anna,

It's so exciting to see great people who know their stuff, working together! This gives me hope and motivates me to do what i can. 

Your articles are awesome, Anna! i plan to use them in filings against these wrongdoers. Also, it will be my pleasure to share with many men and woman (as officials).

Within the next day or so, i plan to put into writing a notice to the men and women (involved at a recent hearing of the administrative "court") charging me for a traffic "offence", where things stand, as i had written previously to others who are associated with and in pursuit of this case. i had attempted  to file those documents; i got stamped copies, but they were not entered properly into the "court". Therefore, i will file those and further communications into Superior Court with my claim.

Would you mind if i cc the email notice to you, so that these wrongdoers can see your name and perhaps check out your documents? That's all i'm asking. i'm not asking you to read it or anything else. i'm thinking they may drop their case sooner.

Anna answers:

The Real Harney County Story from a local.


by Brother Gregory Williams
January 20, 2016
The militia has not taken over the 187,000 acre Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
I have lived here in the high desert ranching community since Ammon Bundy was learning how to walk. I have known the Sheriff David Ward since his kids were small. They were over at my house all the time. He helped build fence on our place. His oldest son and daughter still live next door.
I have been in contact with people on the ground since before this began. Some locals brought the occupiers food the very first night of the occupation and I hear about a lot of local support. But there is a lot of irresponsible media out there saying false and foolish things, looking for conflict in order to get headlines and sometimes to promote their own agenda.
The militia has not taken over the 187,000 acre Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
I have lived here in the high desert ranching community since Ammon Bundy was learning how to walk. I have known the Sheriff David Ward since his kids were small. They were over at my house all the time. He helped build fence on our place. His oldest son and daughter still live next door.
I have been in contact with people on the ground since before this began. Some locals brought the occupiers food the very first night of the occupation and I hear about a lot of local support. But there is a lot of irresponsible media out there saying false and foolish things, looking for conflict in order to get headlines and sometimes to promote their own agenda.
Ammon Bundy and some of the people with him are there occupying some tiny part of a huge federal wildlife refuge and have gone in some empty public buildings for shelter in order to get media attention to what they see as a serious problem.
They have already said they would be going home soon.
Was the occupation wise? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In Regard to "Burning Question" Below:

Since the Constitution was based in Common Law, if you abolished the Common Law wouldn't that extinguish the Federal Government too?

by Anna Von Reitz

The problem is the US Government, not the Federal Government. Two different animals entirely. Any attack against the Common Law or any part of the Law of the Land is an attack against the Republic. Hasn't anyone been listening to date? US Government is the problem. US Government = Law of the Sea = Sea Jurisdiction. Federal Government = Law of the Land (Constitution) = Land Jurisdiction.
Is that how they finished the corporate setup and dissolved government?
Nobody "dissolved" our government. The various units of government either stupidly or with malice aforethought incorporated. Any time you incorporate anything it goes from the jurisdiction of the land to the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. It removes from the Law of the Land and the guarantees of the Constitution to the Law of the Sea and the Dog-Eat-Dog of maritime and admirality law.
Not sure they could do that lawfully since the foundation of our laws came from Common Law.
The problem can be swiftly addressed in one of three ways:
(1) Bring enough pressure to bear to force the existing incorporated "Counties" and "States" to dissolve their corporations and function naturally as unincorporated business entities again; (2) Do an end-run around the existing incorporated "Counties" and "States" by organizing the landowners in each county and then each state as unincorporated body politics and electing parallel offices designated to operate in the land jurisdiction, as in "Sheriff on the Land" or "Judge on the Land" so that there can be no more confusion or obfuscation.
The offices of the land jurisdiction are all Public Offices that have been "vacant". The offices of the sea jurisdiction are all "similarly named" private corporate offices that have been used to mimmick the public offices---- allowing those in these private corporate offices to improperly wield the powers of public office without the responsibility of public office and also allowing them to abuse what merely appears to be a public office for their private gain.
The third option is to start over with a huge public discussion, a full disclosure of the political status options, and potentially an end to all separation of the land and sea jurisdictions owed to this country.
See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website here:www.annavonreitz.com

Monday, January 18, 2016

Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature -- Language and Parse Syntax

by Anna Von Reitz

In recent days I have had cause to consider the Truth very deeply.  One of the Truths of our lives is that none of us are in control of anything.  As the Prophet Jeremiah observed, we cannot and do not control a single step.  We can't guarantee anything as a result--- we can't guarantee that we will perform any contract, do any deed, or even be alive in the morning. 

This is the Truth, but we promptly endeavor to forget it, and go our sinful silly way, pretending to make contracts right and left.     

As a result of our mortality and other natural limitations, we don't have the ability to contract, and absolutely everything that we do that pretends to create a contract is a fraud.  

Not only that, but at some level of our consciousness, it is a known lie.  

At best, we can make a good faith statement of our intentions or we can make a record of our actual actions.  That's it. 

As for promises to perform in the future-- there are and can be no guarantees. And that means that there can be no lawful enforcement. 

This is as true for corporations, which are merely legal fiction constructs, as it is for the living people who create corporations. Like people, corporations can die, go under new management, be bankrupted, or otherwise prevented or sidetracked from repaying debts or performing services. 

So, then, neither we nor any corporation we can create is competent to make a contract and neither we nor any corporation are owed enforcement of any act conceived in fraud. 

That's the Truth, too. 

Now I can guarantee you that I am not the first one in history to realize this and that this realization has caused no end of consternation for ages past.  

It has in fact been the driving force behind the creation of "the World"--- a wholly fictitious system of lies and "legal" constructs and people devoted to serving lies and legal fictions, a Make Believe domain where all the Liars gather and trade lies among themselves and waste no time in collecting new recruits and defrauding the rest of us. 

 And who are these Masters of Deceit, these "Liars" who serve the Father of All Lies?

ROUND SIX : Karen Hudes v. Judge Anna

Below you will find the text of a message Ms. Hudes put out on Twitter and which was forwarded to me by others this morning.  No actual hard copy correspondence has been received. 
Anna Von Reitz

KAREN wrote:
General Joseph Dunford, Jr. is not getting the gold you wanted the Global Debt Facility to give him. Instead, General Dunford, Jr. and any secret successors if such there be are all relieved of their command under martial law. The secret martial law in the United States is illegitimate. You want to perpetuate martial law? You have no authority to perpetuate martial law because the governed have withdrawn their consent and there is no legitimacy. Your attempt to reinstate General Dunford, Jr. as commander of the US government under martial law has failed. The United States is in interregnum. The indebtedness of all the countries of the world is now ended as a scam. The Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf owes more to the Global Debt Facility than all country debts. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/treaty+of+versailles+offer+of+sale+2+quadrillion1.pdf


Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Reply from Judge Anna About the National Debt, the National Credit, and the Pope's Role

by Anna Von Reitz
How many times do I have to go through this before people notice the facts for themselves???

The Pope wears two hats--- one sacred, one secular. 

I brought claim against his secular office for Breach of Trust. He admitted it and asked for help correcting the situation. 

How hard is that for anyone to grasp?

I am sick and tired of explaining how I could be a Lutheran acting in a capacity in concert with a Catholic.  If two people of different religions both agree on a single righteous course of action----such as returning American assets to the American People--- where is the controversy or "wonder" in that?

Here's my answer to Ms. Hudes from our Fifth Round of Correspondence about American assets in the "Global Debt Facility"----

"Ms. Hudes – without putting too sharp a point on it, you are yourself a member of a “Secret Society”--- the London Lawyer’s Guild and the Middle Innes of Court--- and you hold the office of at least “Esquire” in their service. This foreign and undisclosed office bears with it an ancient and horrific Oath to the Father of All Lies, called a Nullification Oath, which renders your testimony regarding any matter void. Since you are in the literal service of the Devil, and are bold enough to proclaim it in public, I consider you to be at least as much of a problem as any Knight of Malta."

That is also my answer to all members of the Bar Associations which have been so much a part of creating this entire fraud scheme, putting it in place, promoting it, and preserving it against all decency and reason. 

The Pope admitted his sins and the sins of the Church, but not Karen Hudes. 

Here's some more related to our Fifth Round and this topic:

Anna Von Reitz asked about Leo Wanta

Hi Paul something posted at http://nesaranews.blogspot.com this morning struck me because of the title and heading relates her writing as associated with Leo Wanta. I do not trust Wanta as far as I can throw him and Anna should not be associated with him. I was good friends with Christopher Story from worldreports.org before he passed away. She should see this posting. Sorry for not hyperlinking Thunderbird has glitches. P.S. The 27.5 trillion dollar number Wanta has promulgated as our financial savior was mirrored more than once. Wanta equals Bush Sr.

I don't think she is associated with him.  It appears someone else posted Anna's article making it look like Leo Wanta posted the article.
I don't know for sure.
I will show this to her.
Lots of people carry work of mine for all sorts of reasons. Right now there are many different factions all milling around -- some have axes to grind and some are trying to carve out empires and so on.  My mission is simple-- return the assets of the American People to the American People.

Everyone on planet Earth should have an interest in seeing that accomplished because if the people of the Continental United States wake up and seize hold of their assets and use them instead of letting criminals from the Federal United States continue to rob us all and promote war mongering, etc.--- the world will be a far better place to live. 

Look at things from that perspective and know that is my goal in mind -- to get the servants back in the control of the American People and the People in control of their own assets instead of trusting crooks to manage their assets for them. 

Know that that is my message and mission and that anyone who supports that is unlikely to be bad or have any bad intention toward the American People. 


Round Five with Karen Hudes--- Judge Anna, January 16, 2016

by Anna Von Reitz

January 16, 2016
Dear Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck,
Once again, playing your name games, Karen? If you have done this with the hard copy reply that you claim you have sent (no sign of it here) it will be invalid because not addressed to the claimant--- a flesh and blood woman called “Anna Maria Riezinger” and a flesh and blood man called “James Clinton Belcher”. You have clearly addressed this to someone or some "thing" else other than the lien claimant and it has been translated by others and given to me despite your failure to address it to me. Again, a distinct evasion and avoidance of fact showing a refusal to deal in good faith.
The Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and Board of Executive Directors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development are not in default as I put a stamped envelope with a hard copy of the answer to your claims in the mailbox addressed to you and your husband at the same time as I posted the response on the internet.https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.14.16.3.pdf

As you didn’t answer the lien questions in those remarks, exactly how or why would I consider a paper copy as an answer, either?

If you want the full and real story of what happened to the Hammonds read this.

Oregon Standoff: Federal Land Grab vs. the Sagebrush Rebellion

Joel Skousen - January 09, 2016

The occupation of the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon by a small group of armed protesters represents a new and confrontational tactic in the Sagebrush Rebellion--the decades old struggle of Western ranchers against federal control of state lands. While the majority of rancher disputes are against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the US Fish and Wildlife Service has been just as ruthless--in this case expanding the wildlife refuge at the expense of neighboring ranchers. This week I'll detail the struggle of the Hammond family, and of Ammon Bundy the protest leader. When you read the litany of federal abuse of ranching families, you will better understand why some ranchers are staging an armed resistance. I also give some suggestions on how this can be resolved peacefully.The root of the controversy is a constitutional dispute that has never been properly adjudicated. Under Article IV, Section 3:2 (The Property Clause), it says,

The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States….
However, once a territory becomes a state, the federal government can only possess land, within that state for limited purposes: a national capitol, federal military facilities, and certain docking and warehouse facilities related to the collection of tariffs. This is governed by Article I, Section 8:17 which states:
To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District [Washington DC] (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings [such as post offices].
Notice, those lands have to be specifically ceded by the states through consent of the state legislatures; they cannot be taken arbitrarily by government. The federal government got around this by making federal ownership of large parts of Western territories a condition of statehood. This had never been done to any state until the territories west of the Dakotas, down through Texas became states. Nevada was literally robbed of 84.5% of its land. In most western states the federal government owns more than half of the land mass. This is outrageous. Here is a link to a map showing the sad facts.