Friday, November 6, 2015

Blessed are the Peacemakers... White Hope Mine Update

by Paul Stramer

The national Oath Keepers organization does a marvelous job of making peace come out of some very touchy and dangerous situations, where corporate mercenary entities masquerading as government agencies, with 3 or 4 letters on their backs, are trying to administratively (and other ways) steam roll Americans and trample their God given rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

I am very pleased that I have been able to be a part of those Peacemaking actions for freedom!

I would go with the Oath Keepers on another operation in a heart beat.

In Nevada tensions were high when I arrived. Over a period of about a week, and after the BLM packed up and marched in formation backwards out of the area, the peace gradually prevailed, and clear thinking individuals became aware that a line had been drawn in the sand between an out of control corporate entity calling itself an agency of the federal government, and the American people in general, and Cliven Bundy and his family in particular. That line of peace seems to be holding for the moment, but what has really been won for freedom at this juncture?  Is it really peace or a stalemate?

In Grants Pass Oregon, once again, the Oath Keepers did a wonderful job of exposing the truth about the BLM and their dirty work, and by standing fast for many weeks, brought peace and a pathway for some miners, out of a troubled situation and into a "court". The line in the sand became a moat full of alligators for the BLM, and once again I was glad to be there, but what has been actually won, besides another expensive trip through another corporate tribunal calling itself a 'federal court' ?

And now we have yet another pathway to peace from a troubling situation in Lincoln Montana with the White Hope Mine, and Intermountain Mining LLC, and once again the national Oath Keepers stood and took the heat, and made peace prevail, and provided a way to get two miners their day in court. I was there for over a month without a break, and I am very glad to have been there, but once again, what has actually been won at this point?