Monday, April 6, 2015

Anna von Reitz Public Order - Share around the world.

From: Anna von Reitz

I have confirmed some very important information this past week and taken action as a result. Please find enclosed a six page summary of the situation we are in and how we got here.
If you can’t read six pages of actual documented -not-my-opinion-history to save your country, then we are all about to be blown to hell. And we will deserve it, for being so incredibly clueless, lazy, and stupid.
We are in control of the public jurisdiction of the Continental United States. Attached as part of the history is a Declaration of Law that is executable as a Court Order by anyone who (1) understands the content of the document, (2) was born on the land of one of the fifty Continental States, (3) is NOT a member of the Bar Association. Follow the instructions--- use red ink to designate that it is being exercised on the land jurisdic- tion and in behalf of the State Superior Court as in “landed (E)state”.
Put away your sabers and get out your red ink pens and you U.S. Mail Certified receipts, Return Receipt Requested----- and do what Thomas Jefferson said we must---chain them down with the Constitution---- the actual Constitution, in action.
Stop worrying about imagined enemies. The only enemies out there are on our payroll, trying to scam up another war-for-profit. Don’t be stupid and allow the cretins to start one here!!!
Keep the peace, guard your words, and DO NOT CONTRIBUTE ONE SYLLABLE of nonense such as is being expressed in so many quarters. Understand that war is what these corporations are good at. That and lying are their stock in trade.
We have hired them to protect us. They would like nothing better than to “protect us against ourselves” ---- use our own unrest as an excuse for killing us, and then send the bill to our families.
They could do a tremendous amount of damage and cost millions of American lives and PROFIT from doing it, but they can NEVER win in international court and they can never win any kind of moral victory.
So hold their feet to the fire using your brains instead of your brawn, all you Bubbas out there. That is what is required now. If you really want to help --- read, sign, and send the attachment to all those who need to see it. Anna

Here are the links to the attachments.  Print these out. Read them. Use them.