Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FEMA Camp Takeover Set For Southwest - The takeover is now!

Local officials and law enforcement:
If you help this treason be completed - if you abuse your authority to sell out your country, you will be the first to be killed by this global monster.  They have done this over and over when these evil people take over.

The roundups are beginning. There are only a few things we can do.

1. Get on your knees and pray like it's all up to God (because really it is).

2. Get up and work at preparing like it's all up to you, (to show God your heart is really His)

3. Work at waking up as many friends and family as you can with this information.

Alex Jones discusses the newly revealed training operation that has the troops prep to invade the southwest.
It's called Jade Helm

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