Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Briefest Briefing On The Coming "Martial Law"

The American public is being conditioned to accept an "emergency-based" military-police state command structure which ranges outward from DHS through the Pentagon, FEMA and the Department of Justice, and uses Fusion Centers to coordinate the profiling of dissent among the population...... by Elias Alias

OathKeepers' Stewart Rhodes with Alex Jones on Community Preparedness Teams now being organized.

Water right fight goes national in the news

It's not just a fight about water rights in Montana!

Montana is in a fight for it's life and the freedom of private property rights including water rights that will set the precedent for the whole nation in coming months and years.

Montanans fight to the last drop over precious water rights!
This water rights fight has been picked up by national news now. They realize that this will set a precedent for the whole country.
The feds are using the tribes as a vehicle to take over the water and land in all the western states.
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