Friday, May 9, 2014

Breaking Alert - Who is this person called Ryan Payne?

I can't believe that nobody caught this.
Who is the person at the ranch that calls himself Ryan Payne????
Look at this video on YouTube where this person is interviewed as Ryan Payne,  who is supposedly the head of the militia at the Bundy ranch.
And then at the interview where he uses foul language and calls the Oathkeepers traitors/deserters, and not only that, he accuses Stewart of being an agent provocateur.
It's been my experience that liars accuse others of what they themselves are guilty, for lack of a better imagination, or because that is what they are most familiar with. They telegraph their innermost secrets and don't even know it.
Look at the website for their "Operation Mutual Aid"  which this person claims he is part of.
On this link here is what you will find.
On the top row on the right side this man is pictured and the name under the picture is NOT Ryan Payne, but Jim Messina
Which is it?   It says he is 44 years old and from the United States, while other so called members are listing their city and state. What's the deal with that?
It's the same guy who claims he is from southwest Montana, but lists his name as Jim Messina, not Ryan Payne on his website!
Sorry if you see this Mr. Payne or Mr.Messina whatever your name is, and attempt to pull the page, know that I have copied it and have the page on my hard drive, and have also archived it elsewhere.
I encourage anyone who sees this email to do likewise.
This person does and says the things an agent of a government that is really very afraid of the Oathkeepers organization would say. He can't really win an argument against the Oathkeepers mission or their 10 orders they won't obey, so he does the very same thing the leftists do. He demonizes the opposition because that's all he has. He inflames the patriots against each other, and he demonizes the only national organization that educates the active duty military members about their duty to their oath and to their country, which education can actually stop the leftists like Harry Reid right in his tracks.
SO WHO IS THE REAL AGENT PROVOCATEUR?      The Bundy family needs to realize who their real friends are, the Oathkeepers.


  1. It's a fake account. Notice the creation date - May 6, 2014. Somebody created it after a controversy about Payne had started.

  2. The account was created by someone else, to expose Ryan Payne as a fraud. That's right out there in the open, if you read the posts.


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