Friday, October 25, 2013

Former US Marine gives verbal tongue lashing to Israeli Shill

He goes into middle east wars for Israel, 9-11 false flag, pearl harbor, false left/right paradigm, corrupt western governments, US state-sponsored terrorism, dollar collapse, petrodollar, US becoming third world nation. All the Israel shill can do is accuse him of being a propagandist. Definitely worth the 15 minutes! If only this type of truth-telling would be shown on US mainstream news.

Lee Kaplan provides a classic example of the propagandists methods, divert, make personal attacks, revert to tired historical myths like America liberated Europe in World War II so as to imply the massive crimes during WWII and since do not matter. I hope to be in a debate with Lee many more times as he provides one gift after another in terms of providing material that exposes the shallow, baseless foundation of lies that our global system of tyranny is built upon. Enjoy these dinosaurs while they are still around because their days of utility in a world waking up are clearly numbered.