Take Your Money Out of the Bank!

Individual and public taxpayer money is not safe in the big banks. This video will show why and how the government plans to confiscate depositor money when (not if) the next crisis hits in order to prop up the big banks. The actual government documents outlining the confiscation plans will be highlighted.
The plans for this confiscation of depositor funds have been developed, they have been approved, and they are awaiting the next crisis.

We have been telling our readers that this will happen for over 3 years now, which is plenty of time for you to have done something about it.

Here is one possible protection:


But unless you have already made provision for food, guns and ammo, dry goods, water filtration, a way to generate electric power, and everything you will need for a long stay out of the way of the turmoil, you have no business buying silver.

Here are some websites that might help you.

For communications when the phone systems are down:

For portable solar power equipment:

For a way to store fuel without spoilage:

Stun guns and other security equipment:


I read the article in the Atlantic about Israel attacking Iran by Jeffrey Goldberg. It attempted to be a propaganda piece on Israel and their dire predicament in the Middle East. The same Israel that possesses 100 nuclear warheads. They are truly in mortal danger from Iran. By the way, Mr Goldberg, who served in the Israeli Army, wrote an article in 2002 saying that Sadaam Hussein had links to al Qaeda, so we know he never gets his facts mixed up with lies and propaganda. The article actually makes Netenyahu look like a nutjob seeking his 100 year old daddy’s approval. His “reasoning” for going to war with Iran is based on emotional proclamations about the Holocaust. When you don’t have facts to back up your position, fall back on mushroom clouds and the holocaust. That is the Israeli playbook.
Mr. Wright does a fantastic job pointing out that all of the Israeli arguments for attacking Iran are weak, invalid, and based upon false propaganda. The Israelis don’t care. They are on a mission to destroy Iran. They know that Obama is a weak man. They will attack without his approval and force him into conflict with Iran. Obama, being the weak political hack that he is, may actually think an attack will benefit him politically. When your domestic agenda is in tatters, find a foreign bogeyman to distract the masses. The Jewish controlled media in the US supports war with Iran. They blare the propaganda from the loudspeakers 24 hours a day.
 News stories are slanted to make the masses think Iran is actually a threat to the US. Recent polls show 60% approval for attacking Iran. It is beyond delusional that a country that spends $2.5 billion per year on their military is a threat to a country that spends $895 billion per year on their military. Our military spends $2.5 billion on toilet seats.
The part of the story that no one addresses are the unintended consequences of attacking Iran. Neo-cons aren’t big on thinking through the consequences of their actions. It gets too messy for their neat little world domination game of Risk. Before I get to the unintended consequences, let’s address the known consequences:......
Read the entire article here: