Friday, August 9, 2013

Obama is getting ready to steal all your retirement money.

 This article needs to go viral across the internet.
Send it out until you are getting it back over and over every day, or till your fingers are sore, whichever comes first.
The government will go broke on their watch, but don't let them steal your life's savings in the process.
Get your money out, even if you have to pay a penalty, and put it into physical silver or gold.
Then hide it where they can't get at it and forget your have it until we get rid of the government thugs that want it all forthemselves and their welfare voters.
It's imperative and critical that you DO THIS NOW, not later. This is scheduled to take effect in 2014.
You snooze you lose. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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President Obama's FY2014 Budget--Nationalized Retirement Accounts!

Do You Have a Retirement Account or know someone who does?

Our Government's Plan to De-Privatize and Seize Retirement Accounts is REAL, and has been in the works since Obama's 2008 Presidential run.


The National Debt, along with the lack of demand for U.S. Treasury (debt) Bonds, leaves President Obama & BIG Government with no other option. Trillions are due in obligations, and the U.S. has no one to borrow from, Except Your 401k & IRA!

This is Not a conspiracy theory!

Read the Senate Bills AND the petitions that aim to stop it. 
  • What government agencies are involved and the meetings being held.
  • What President Obama's FY2014 Budget will Mandate employees and employers to do.
  • What they plan to do with your retirement funds, and how the Social Security Administration will be involved.
  • What the Treasury Department is implementing in order to convert your money into U.S. Treasury Bonds.
  • What the IRS is implementing in order to convert IRA's/401ks to"Automatic Government Retirement Account (GRA's)"
By now it should be clear to anyone paying attention, Government will stop at nothing:
  • Authorized military detention and drone assassination of their own citizens.
  • Seizing reporters' personal records and phone logs.
  • Digitally spying on everyone's emails.
  • Using tax offices to harass political opposition groups.
The Obama Administration & Big Government need our money!

The wealth in your IRA/401k will be distributed for Social programs! 

Educate yourself BEFORE the de-privatizing of Retirement Accounts takes place.

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Big Brother Task Force to Monitor “Anti-Government Extremists”

This sounds like something right out of the Southern Poverty Law Center, but it's just typical of every communist regime that ever came to power. It's what they do. They use the legal structure to shut down opposition to their totalitarian schemes, and when that fails they use bullets to silence their opposition.

The problem they are running into is that they have never tried to do this in a country where citizens are well armed and those gun rights are enshrined in the very supreme law of the land.  America is different, and they know it well.

They have tried and are continuing to try to get your guns so they can consolidate their power over all of us, and make us their slaves. They have done this world wide before, and they have murdered millions.

This is just the beginning of sorrows in this country. They will NOT stop unless we stop them.

 Read more:

All gun grabbers are OUTLAWS. They hate the law, especially the US supreme law, the Constitution. If they were NOT OUTLAWS they would be proposing an outright repeal of the 2nd amendment according to constitutional process, but no, they know that won't fly, so they are willing to incite violence against we the people, who are the lawful civil authority in our counties with our lawfully elected sheriffs.

That makes them Seditionists. The definition of sedition is "to incite violence against the lawful civil authority". It's a felony crime. They should be arrested and charged with sedition the instant they throw any anti 2nd amendment bill in the hopper. It is NOT possible to change, abrogate, or replace the 2nd amendment with a mere statute. There is a constitutional process to do it lawfully. Get real everyone. These people are criminals, and need to be in jail the very instant they even PROPOSE such so called "laws", which are all null and void from their inception, and don't give me any noise about the so called "corporate government". It was all done with fraud, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation, which makes all their contracts UNILATERAL, making them all null and void also. NONE OF THIS WILL STAND BEFORE GOD. They are all liars, and the blind, leading the blind, and they will all fall in the pit of hell for doing this.

Yes the gun grabbers are the real terrorists and they fully intend to fight a war against the American people with all the ammunition they are buying. They are all monsters, and they are equipping their cannon fodder brown shirts to get slaughtered by we the people when they come for us and our freedom. They just can't leave peace loving free people alone to work and live and raise their families. They won't be satisfied until we are all either slaves or dead and they own the whole world. They have made up their minds that if they can't own it all, they are going to burn it to the ground.


Who are the people who are really trying to bring an end to freedom and  law and order?