Thursday, June 13, 2013

Molon Labe the Movie coming soon

We are happy to announce that principal photography of MOLON LABE is complete. We have now completed interviews with the following: Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Stewart Rhodes, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Larry Pratt, Jack Rooney, Alex Jones, Edwin Vieira, Larken Rose, David Gillie and Pat Buchanan. You can see a clip with each below or by going to Some interviews did not get done in time.
MOLON LABE -- How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom is inspired by Edwin Vieira's new 2,300-page academic work, The Sword and Sovereignty, available at MOLON LABE will be our sixth film on the Constitution. You can watch the five previous ones for free at
Kris Chandler completed the narration and a 1-sheet and website has been created by Warren Jaeger. The website for MOLON LABE is at Be sure to choose FLASH Version, but if you have an older computer or a slow internet connection, select HTML Version.
We need your help to complete MOLON LABE. Time is of the essence. You can bet the gun-control lobby and the MichaelMoore-Left have 10 films in production right this minute. PLEASE, disseminate this report, put its essence up on your website and donate what you can by going to

We have just produced 14 public service announcements (PSAs) for MOLON LABE's production effort. You are welcome to disseminate these on your website and/or radio program.
By "specific" we mean they promotes one of the experts in MOLON LABE.
Check out one of the PSA by clicking here. Thank you.

Visit Matrix Entertainment's You Tube Channel at Most of our professional and public service documentaries are up there. As of 23 February 2013, the Channel has 1,829 subscribers and received 1,451,387 video views.
A secondary channel for Video Work Shop productions and miscellaneous films is at

Post Digital Group -- Philadelphia's most state-of-the-art post production facility -- has just updated to a new i7, 1080p high-def system running CS6 Production Premium on triple 27-inch Viewsonic monitors, one 60-inch audience monitor and one 24-inch close up monitor. PDG is also a 4-track recording studio specializing in VO, looping, foley and ADR. A party/open house event was held June of 2012 and another party/event is expected to be hosted in June of 2013.
Tour the studio at The images may take a moment to load.

Snowden Says Of US Gov: ‘If They Want To Get You, They’ll Get You In Time’

The problem with this whole story is the focus on Snowden rather than on what he has done for the world.

He has ripped the curtain of secrecy off the oathbreakers who don't give a damn about the law, and want the power in their own hands.  That is why he will be a hunted man until they "get him".

He KNOWS TOO MUCH to be left alive, and they will kill him as sure as I am setting here writing this.

Only God Almighty can save him, and I pray that God gives him the grace of repentance for his sins, which do NOT include what he did in revealing to the world the absolute satanic corruption of some of our own government agencies.

Read this story on CBS Washington blog and pay special attention to the comments section, which runs almost 100% in favor of what he did being a very valuable service to freedom. 

Even the author of the patriot act says he would not have known of the abuses if it were not for Snowden's actions.

Poll: More Americans See Man Who Leaked NSA Secrets As ‘Patriot’ Than Traitor

It's High Time We Abolished the Department of Homeland Security

22 Nauseating Quotes From Hypocritical Establishment Politicians About The NSA Spying Scandal