Monday, April 22, 2013

The True Goal of the New World Order

The actual intent of those within the New World Order is not to "take over the world". The real goal is much more insidious. This is an eternal battle of good vs. evil. The evil is completely unfulfilled, and will never be anything but full of despair. Listen carefully to what this man is saying.

Everyone has, at some time during their life, an eternal choice to make. A choice that is irrevocable. 

The choice is this.  Will you live for what you can get from this life, or will you live for eternity and what might be pleasing to your creator?  The former leads to eternal despair and hate against that creator and also total hatred of one's own self, and soul, which separation from God is itself the worst hell.

The later choice may cost us many things in this world, and even this mortal life itself, but it will gain an eternity of total fulfillment of the purpose we were created for, an eternity with our Creator Himself. He established the path, which is narrow indeed, and when we face this eternal choice we must remember what that choice itself is all about.  None of us is without fault. Every one of us has regrets, and things we could have done better. But He sent us His Son to open the door to eternal happiness to us. He will not force us to choose rightly, and will not interfere with our free will, but if we humbly beg Him for forgiveness and grace it will be there. Ask and you shall receive.

Many are called, but few are chosen. The vast majority, it seems, have chosen that path of despair, and now have nothing left but to be as evil as they can be to have a reason to exist, and somehow hoping that will end their existence in eternity, even while they know full well what awaits them after death. That concept has always confounded people of good heart who can't understand how others can be soooo evil and do such horrendous things, like the terrorists in government and out.

The True Goal of the New World Order then, is to get as many of us to hate God and ourselves so much that we give up on good, and end up casting ourselves into hell. Getting as many of the living to end up lost forever is the only purpose of the damned that they think makes any reason for them to exist, and they KNOW they are lost forever, and that getting more of us to give up will increase their suffering for all eternity but they do it anyway. And that, my friends is the real goal inspired by the satanic legions who have goaded the evil people in government to do all these evils and murder hundreds of millions of people. They worship death itself, and at the same time they are dead in their souls, and wish they could stop existing, but know they will be that way forever.

Pray that in the end we are given true and final repentance for our transgressions, and the grace to rather die, than betray the loving Creator who gave us this chance to be happy for all eternity.

CHOOSE THE CROSS and walk that narrow road to the best of your ability, and life will not be without great joy, that only our Creator and God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit can give.