Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's time for Sheriffs to form up their posse

It's time for sheriffs to form up their posse for their own protection and that of the people.
This sheriff was on his lunch break and was gunned down by a sniper in a parking lot.
Sheriffs who want to survive and do their job to protect and defend the US Constitution will be targets of lawless drug criminals, and maybe the targets of the black suited thugs in government who run drugs also.
The only protection these patriot sheriffs have is to form a posse and take precautions with proper training of the general public who are armed.  The sheriff needs to start with all the concealed carry permit holders in their county who have been checked out with a background check before getting that permit, and the first members of the posse should be those cwp holders who have also had formal firearms training at one of the many good schools around the country like Front Sight in Pahrump Nevada.
These volunteers would not cost the county a penny except time for officers to do some training, and they can serve as eyes and ears for the sheriffs department with proper training and radio communications.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has several posses, one of which guards schools. Several posse members could be assigned to guard the sheriff. 

The sheriff is the constitutional law officer of the people, and his primary job is their protection contained in his oath to the US Constitution, protecting their God given natural rights.

That includes protecting his constituents from predatory drug dealer criminals who create havoc and violence, and subvert our society. But who is going to protect the Sheriff when he becomes the sworn enemy of these criminals?  If the Sheriff has no posse he is left with only his deputies. The cost is prohibitive for a deputy to be assigned to guard the sheriff continuously. The posse is a volunteer organization. There would be overwhelming support if the sheriff takes the right stand for people's rights including gun rights.

Challenge your sheriff to form a posse, for his own protection and that of the people in his county.
If your sheriff is NOT willing to form a posse, that sheriff should be replaced and you should get one that will. It's one thing for a sheriff to make noise about standing up for people's gun rights, but what binds them to actually do it?  If the sheriff forms a posse then you know he is sincere about his campaign promises. 

Start by asking him for a concealed carry permit if you don't have one already. If you do have one, go see your sheriff and volunteer for a posse. Challenge your sheriff to form the posse for his own protection and show him the article above about the sheriff who was murdered.