Monday, April 1, 2013

Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”

I have lived long enough to watch our country go from a certain semblance of freedom and a great economy in the 50s and 60s to a real mess and almost a police state now. Most people are arguing that freedom and a good economy can happen again in America. NO WAY!  Not until we throw out the bankers and their minions, the progressive socialists and communists running this country.

This article will silence the  people who believe that one or the other facet of the economy seems to be improving, and if you look at the big picture you will immediately GET OUT OF THE BANKS and get your money into something you can hold in your hand.

This article will convince you if you have done any homework at all.

This is being done deliberately and the evil of this plan is beyond description in any language!

I have been saying for years that this is coming, and trying to help people get out of it's way, and some of my best customers are still hoping that they will not need to fall back on their precious metals, or long term food storage. Don't delude yourself. This is coming straight at us like a freight train.

The insiders are about to bail from that inflated stock market like they always do just before the crash, and they need some place to run to, so they are manipulating the price of precious metals downward right now, and would take it a lot lower but for the resistance of the huge demand for metals right now, especially silver.

Silver is the best, but remember YOU CAN'T EAT THAT STUFF.  At some point the precious metal of choice might be lead, or copper, or brass. At least with those you can make ammo and feed your family.

They will kill the currency, and try to replace it with a world wide new currency or currencies. It's anybodies guess what they have planned, but it might be a whole basket of different currencies that are "revalued" in relation to the federal reserve note. However they do it, the IMF will be in it up to their eyeballs. Yes the same outfit that just announced they want the US to add $1.40 to each gallon of fuel to pay for their phony environmental fantasy.

Lately I have been telling people who ask about silver that if they don't have Food, dry goods, fuel, and other things they know they will need to last them at least a year they have no business buying silver.
That might sound radical coming from a silver dealer, but I want all of you to be around to buy my products AFTER the crap hits the fan. I have deliberately left the small volume prices high on my website and encourage you to call me to order. I can give much better prices that way and we get to talk a bit.

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