Thursday, March 28, 2013

Virtual State of the Union 2013

This is the way it really should be. If we had a president like this instead of the traitor with his feet up on our furniture in the Oval office there might be some hope for America.

Illegal Immigration is literally a foreign invasion of hostiles

Here is the proof of the foreign invasion of people hostile to our rule of law.

Open Letter to Col. Allen West

Anyone who would not even look at the mountain of verified official evidence that Obama released a forged document claiming it was his official birth certificate because he might have future political plans is AN OATHBREAKER and deserves to be banned from office forever.
Allen West is that man. He has refused to even discuss this issue with Sheriff Arpaio, and Mike Zullo.
This is a gross violation of his oath of office, which oath never goes away.
I used to think Col. West was a true patriot. It seems he has been bought off.
I challenge Col. West to keep his oath to the US Constitution and call Sheriff Arpaio, and then sit down and take an honest look at the evidence at hand.
When word gets around of his refusal to do so, his political future is history.
Paul Stramer KC7MEZ
SLC Distributing
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Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839

Will Obama steal your savings?

Posted: 28 Mar 2013 03:51 AM PDT
Supposedly in order to stave off an “economic apocalypse”—reminiscent of the banshee Barack Obama’s recent sequestration road show—Cyprus called for a “tax”—that is, confiscation—of between six and ten percent of its citizens’ bank accounts. Yesterday, they floated the idea of nationalizing—that is, confiscating—pensions. Today, the European Union is pushing to “freeze”—that is confiscate— bank accounts of the “bad” banks—forget about six and ten percent; they’re talking about forty percent!