Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WAR ON HEALTH - The FDA's Cult of Tyranny

Progressive Radio Network presents
A Gary Null Production
WAR ON HEALTH: The FDA's Cult of Tyranny
Introduced by the director (from his speech at the world premiere in New York City, June 15, 2012)

In the near future, American medical practice may change dramatically for the worse. No longer will maximal dose natural supplements—vitamins, natural compounds, and scientifically proven medicinal herbs—be available over the counter in local health and grocery stores. Holistic practice, which relies upon non-prescription natural treatments instead of Big Pharma drugs prescribed life-long, will diminish. American healthcare will be imprisoned, patients will be forced to abide by a single medical paradigm defined by corporate drug and food executives and dictated by a government enforcement agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is the bleak scenario if the FDA succeeds in limiting Americans' options to prevent and treat diseases.

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Lakota Sioux Nation secedes from the US

Russell Means Pt 1 Lakota declares its Sovereignty


Pay special attention to what he says about investors wanting to invest in their country!

The Endless War, A Soldier Takes a Stand

This weekend marked eleven years since US troops first landed in Afghanistan to begin its so-called Operation Enduring Freedom, but on the anniversary of America’s longest-running war, has it been more of a success or a failure for Uncle Sam? Sgt. Micah Turner served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but says his job consisted of merely making “propaganda” for the US military. Sgt. Turner is still an active duty member with the US military, but over the weekend he deserted the Army and now expects to face felony charges. Sgt. Turner shares his thoughts with RT shortly before turning himself in “peacefully, but not quietly,” and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies weighs in on America’s legacy in Afghanistan, 11 years on.

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