Saturday, July 16, 2011

Political corruption in Quartzite Arizona

Stewart Rhodes from Kalispell Montana is now the attorney of record for the Mayor of Quartzite Arizona and also for Jennifer Jones who is the Lady arrested at the Town Council meeting for exercising her first amendment rights.

To see the whole story and get the statement of 10 police officers about what is going on see this page:


Both Jennifer Jones and Mayor Foster (a Marine veteran) should be commended for their courage, as should the officers who are standing up against their own Chief of Police. What is most disturbing is that this is simply a particularly visible example of the kind of corruption that is absolutely pervasive across the country. I have seen it over, and over, all across America, whether it be GOP central committees (and the Dems are the same, but I don’t go to those), city councils, county commissioners, police chiefs, sheriffs, judges, legislators, you name it, it is the same, with few exceptions -- the rule of men, rather than the rule of law (the Constitution), and a sense of entitlement to rule that will use any and all dirty tricks against anyone who stands up to them. What I have seen down at the local level is every bit as corrupt and totalitarian minded as anything that comes out of the US Congress or the White House. Just petty little tin-hat versions.

Traitors running guns to Mexico sanctioned by white house?

Larry Pratt and Alex Jones expose the crimes and lay out a plan to bring these criminals to justice.