Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Most Criminal agency of the the Federal Government is NOT the IRS.

The ATF is helping arm the drug Cartels in Mexico.


So what might be the problem?

The problem is that the ATF has been caught placing thousands of guns into the hands of the Mexican drug smuggling cartels. And other characters of interest. It’s safe to say that that is indeed a problem.

The first symptom of the problem arose when some of the ATF’s agents in Group VII felt like doing a little bit of old fashioned Oath keeping. Some of the agents and officers saw something very ugly about the ATF helping the Mexican cartels obtain powerful weapons – lots of weapons, with lots of ammo.

You’re reading this correctly –

The ATF has helped “straw buyers” purchase weapons here in the United States and has made notes about the purchases, but the ATF also has allowed the straw buyers to move those guns into Mexico, knowing they would end up in criminal hands.

Neo Cons and Obamites use War Powers Act to Justify Murder AGAIN!

CONGRESS HAS TO DECLARE WAR, and anybody who says differently is wrong, including Fox News and John Bolton et. al.


Being Anti- Muslim Brotherhood does not necessarily make one pro- Isreal, and being Anti-Isreal does NOT necessarliy make one pro- Muslim Brotherhood.
Paul Stramer