Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 for Dummies

Please watch and forward! The hour is LATE folks. I can't think of anything more important than to be at the "Open House" this Wed. Nov. 10th,Ponderosa room at Libby City Hall, and be ready to start a recall against Roose and Berget and DEMAND that Kirsten Smith be fired IMMEDIATELY. She is the communist insert into Lincoln County as the County Planner. Put there on purpose by Your county commissioners because they believe you are "too dumb to know what is good for you".

See this letter sent to the planning board by a local attorney showing the power and land use grab by out of control planners and commissioners.

Are the commissioners grabing at straws to keep Lincoln County solvent financially after refusing to invoke co-ordination in support of the logging industry and other business ventures, thereby losing primary income from forest receipts? Now do they want the right to charge you for the use of your own property? Now do they want to fine you for violations? Do they think this will replace all the income lost to the county from a thriving industrial base?  What are they doing to encourage natural resource development in Lincoln County?
What are they doing to facilitate the mining of the largest silver deposit on the planet right here in Lincoln County?  The answer is nothing.
In fact exactly the opposite is true. All they seem to know how to do is try to suck up more federal money, like the wasted money at the old airport, and the wasted money for trees and shrubs in front of the county annex in Eureka.
When will the commissioners wake up and get government out of the way of real free enterprise and business here instead of following the communist agenda propagated by Kirsten Smith, the paid plant for Agenda 21, the world government brought to Lincoln County by the commissioners and paid big money to steal your property rights and create a cash cow for county government out of your property?

We need to repeal the Lincoln County Growth Policy and cut this off at the root!
The growth policy is the enabeling "legislation" that all zoning regulations are based on. Without the growth policy there are no legal planning regulations. In Sanders county they saw this coming and refused to even seat a planning board. If we repeal the growth policy that was shoved down our throat WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE  by the commissioners, then the planning board can go home, or go out and get a real job, if they can find one. Then maybe we can get back to peace, and freedom, and prosperity in Lincoln County.  More government is NOT the answer.
The voters just sent a major mandate to DC to REDUCE the size and scope of government. It's time the socialist county commission stopped throwing their power around against the will of the people in Lincoln County.  We stopped these lakeside setbacks once already, but the communist/socialist/agenda 21 operative here won't take no for an answer, and the commissioners won't listen to the electorate.

Their end goal is to take away ALL your property rights. If you don't believe me go to our video website at http://www.redwhiteandbluebox.com/ and get two videos.

1. Sustainable Feudalism by Joan Veon
2. Ed Griffith on the Federal Reserve and Michael Shaw  on UN agneda 21

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